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[review] Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Lena can’t wait until she turns eighteen and is given the cure. Finally, she’ll be safe from love, the disease that affects your mind and body before killing you, but then Lena’s worst nightmare happens–she gets infected. Time to read: … Continue reading

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[review] Evelina by Frances Burney

Evelina Anville has been raised an orphan, but she does not begrudge her situation. Pretty, kind, and intelligent if somewhat naive, her entrance into the world allows a fairly modern (and certainly humorous) look on eighteenth-century English society. Time to … Continue reading

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[review] The Compound by S. A. Bodeen

There are a couple perks to being the son of a billionaire, like surviving a nuclear war thanks to a luxurious compound, but fifteen year old Eli doesn’t feel so lucky, especially since his twin brother, Eddie, didn’t survive and … Continue reading

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[challenge] 2012 TBR Challenge

Setting up my challenges for the new year…

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[discussion] Divergent by Veronica Roth

Haven’t read the book? Check out my review here! My favourite part of books is discussing them with other fans. Because I want my reviews to remain spoiler-free as they’re more likely to be read by those who haven’t read … Continue reading

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[review] Divergent by Veronica Roth

“One choice can transform you” reads the cover of Divergent, and already I was sucked in. Divergent is a dystopian young adult novel set in future-Chicago where human kind has divided itself into five factions (so not quite four houses … Continue reading

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On Equality

Maureen Johnson recently tweeted this video. Watch it; I can wait. I don’t follow American politics, but I see enough to know that Michelle Bachmann is not the only politician who refuses to support same-sex marriage. I don’t understand why … Continue reading

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