On Equality

Maureen Johnson recently tweeted this video. Watch it; I can wait.

I don’t follow American politics, but I see enough to know that Michelle Bachmann is not the only politician who refuses to support same-sex marriage. I don’t understand why the idea of same-sex marriage is so incompatible to them. I don’t understand how the people listening to that young woman ask those questions could think that Bachmann’s responses were anywhere close to adequate let alone applause worthy. Every time they started clapping, I felt ill. Simply, Bachmann sounded like an idiot, and worst many of them agreed with her.

Basically her message was everyone has the same right to marry someone of the opposite sex. (And it’s the law, so that makes it right, but that’s a topic for a totally different post.) Okay, I understand what she’s saying, but the real question is does everyone have the same right to marry the person they love? Answer: no. And is this okay? Again, no. But Bachmann doesn’t see it that way. Yet, she still believes she doesn’t NOT support the LGBQT community? Sense, Bachmann, you lack it.

Would she also force a person in a wheel chair to take the stairs? After all, everyone has the right to use those stairs, so it’s equal, right? Isn’t that what equality is? If they don’t want to use the stairs, well, I guess they just won’t get into that building. But they had the same opportunity as everyone else, so, according to Bachmann and far too many others, that’s perfectly fine.

What was your reaction to this video?

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