Happy Cinder Release Day!

Today is a very important day! Today is the day that Marissa Meyer’s debut novel Cinder is officially released.

Marissa changed my life. By following her fanfiction over to livejournal I have met some of greatest friends, including Angel who urged me to get start a blog. I would legitimately be a different person today if I’d never known her, and I don’t think that person would be quite so happy. Because of this I’d like to give you several reasons why you should buy and read Cinder immediately!

1. it has cyborgs
2. it has aspects of Sailor Moon, Firefly, Cinderella, plus something that is completely and originally Marissa
3. it is hilarious
4. it will make you cry
6. the villain is both terrifying and complex
7. Marissa is an absolute sweetheart

okay that last one actually applies to the sequel Scarlet, but I guess you could say that a “sequel that’s even better than the first book” is another reason you should get it.

You can get it at Amazon, Chapters, Barnes and Nobles, and any other book retailer you can think of.

It’s also a great gift for any reader. I bought one for myself, three of my friends, and I’m off to get another copy for my cousin today.

Also, if you tweet Marissa (@marissa_meyer) a picture of you wearing red heels (or any kind of red shoe) and/or change your twitter icon to the Cinder cover (feel free to snag the one that I’m using on Twitter by jojo_da_crow) then you can win Cinder and Of Poseidon by Anna Banks swag!

I’d love to hear if you guys are planning on buying the book or if you’ve already bought and read it (some copies were found in Canadian book stores early!) And whenever you’re reading it feel free to message or tweet me your emotions. I love hearing other people’s reactions to this book!


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4 Responses to Happy Cinder Release Day!

  1. Angel says:

    AHAHAHAHA number 9, you tease, you! I’m nervous about reading Scarlet now! ❤

  2. Samantha Lin says:

    What makes me most excited about Cinder (apart from the fact that Marissa wrote it) is that so many of my friends have been involved with it in some way or another, and it feels like such a achievement beyond just Marissa. As much as she deserves all this awesomeness on her special day, I think you should be proud of your beta-ing-ness too! 😀

  3. megtao says:

    Oh I really can’t take any credit! Marissa’s early drafts are excellent so most of the time I’m just flailing anyway XD

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