[review] Star Trek (2009)

Space: the final frontier. Is it any wonder books, movies, and television shows about space are so popular? Of all the space movies out there, the 2009 Star Trek is probably one of my favourites. I don’t like to rewatch movies a lot, but I can rewatch Star Trek any time and still feel all the feelings and laugh at all the jokes.

I keep trying to write a synopsis of this movie, but it’s freaking impossible. Basically space, action, pretty things, funny, and timey-wimey. I honestly don’t know how else to explain it. You don’t need to have watched the original series (or any of the Star Trek series) to enjoy the movie. It completely stands on it’s own and is gorgeous. GORGEOUS I TELL YOU.

In all seriousness, if this movie doesn’t make you cry within the opening sequence then you have no heart. It really is an emotional joyride. As each new character is introduced you find yourself becoming ridiculously attached to them. The acting is as beautiful as the cinematography, which, as you can tell by the gifs, is pretty damn gorgeous.

Plus the dialogue and interaction between the characters is pretty much the best thing ever. Watching the Spock-Kirk relationship develop is one of the highlights of the movie, and Spock is as much a protagonist as Kirk. Bones, Chekov, Uhura, Sulu, they all have their moments to shine and the movie will leave you wanting to see more of their lives immediately. Now go watch it, or I’ll sic Spock on you.

So what did you think of the movie review thing? Y/N/M?

Also, if you’ve already watched this movie, I’d love to hear about your favourite parts, characters, quotes, etc.

Personally, “I’ll be monitoring your frequency” makes me squeal and laugh at the same time.

Other favourite (and non-spoilery) quotes:

“I can do that!”

“I may throw up on you.”

“Numb tongue?!”

If that doesn’t make you want to watch this movie I don’t know what will.

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4 Responses to [review] Star Trek (2009)

  1. I love the new Star Trek movie! I’ve only seen glimpses of the old version of it, but I’m definitely more interested in watching it now that I’ve seen this version of it. The last gif is my favorite, and this is a movie that I’ll always want to see again! 🙂

    Also, have you seen the tv show Heroes? It’s even weirder seeing this movie knowing that the actor who played Spock (Zachary Quinto) also played Sylar. Super creepy, yet interesting.

    Great review! I think it’s time I watched this movie again.

    • megtao says:

      I’ve been considering watching the old series just because I love the characters so much.

      I haven’t! I watched bits and pieces when it was on, but I never got into it. I was a big LOST fan at the time and couldn’t handle another show with mysteries.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting ❤

  2. It sounds super silly, but my favorite thing about the new Star Trek are all the lens flares. It adds a certain something to the look and feel of the movie that other space movies kind of lack.

    Plus, Chris Pine is adorable and pulls off Kirk so well.

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