[review] Tangled Ever After

So remember when I talked about going to see Beauty and the Beast 3D? A big reason I decided to go was that I wanted to see the short, Tangled Ever After, that was showing before it. Of all the Disney couples, I think Rapunzel and Eugene are my favourite, largely because Eugene has a personality. (Shang/Mulan and Alladin/Jasmine are also up there for this reason.)

I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Probably tears, judging by the gifs that spammed my tumblr dashboard.

What I wasn’t expecting was to laugh so hard that my ribs were in danger of cracking. Rather than focusing on Rapunzel and Eugene on their special day, you follow Maximus and Pascal. Because it is so short, I don’t want to say anything else to give it away, but here’s an image that sums up my experience pretty well.

Just change 17 to 21. My mom and I were definitely the loudest, and normally that would have bothered me, but it was so funny that I didn’t care at all.

You can probably find some copies on tumblr or youtube, but if you have the chance you should definitely go see it in theatres. Especially if you’re in need of a good laugh.

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10 Responses to [review] Tangled Ever After

  1. Tamara says:

    Waaa I NEED to find this somewhere!

  2. It was ADORABLE. Agreed, I was giggling so hard!

  3. Lauren H. says:

    Awww man! I didn’t know there was a Tangled short before Beauty and the Beast 3D!!! I was trying to convince my family to go and that would have totally swayed my brother! He loved Tangled (he’s a pretty cool guy).

    I wonder if it’ll still be out this weekend…
    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  4. reutreads says:

    Oh, Shang/Mulan!!! I actually fangirl SO HARD over them. Favorite Disney ship. I need to rewatch ALL THE DISNEY MOVIES.

  5. CLG says:


    I love your blog. Is unlike all the other br blogs out there!
    thanks to goodbooks&wine

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