[discussion] Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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My favourite part of books is discussing them with other fans. Because I want my reviews to remain spoiler-free as they’re more likely to be read by those who haven’t read the book yet, I’m also planning to post “book discussions,” for many of the books I review.  Obviously, these book discussions will contain spoilers and much flailing. Maybe some intellectual-like discussion…but mostly flailing.

Right now my brain is going DARCY DARCY DARCY DARCY over and over again, but for as much as I adore Darcy, it’s surprising how unlikable he can be. In his first proposal all he does is list all the reasons why he shouldn’t be marrying Elizabeth. And while it’s sweet that he is literally going against everything (his family, the social norm) to be with Elizabeth, I think Elizabeth was right to say no.

Okay, if Mr Darcy told me~ that he loved me most ardently I would probably melt into a puddle at his feet, but the fact that Elizabeth, who is a complete romantic in a society all about the connection of money and courtship,  denies him is both her greatest moment and her biggest mistake ever. Greatest moment because she doesn’t choose the guy over her sister,  Jane. Elizabeth is a loyal character to those she sees as deserving of her loyalty. Even after her visit to Pemberley, I don’t think she would have agreed to marry Darcy unless Jane and Bingley were engaged.

It’s her worst mistake because MY GOODNESS IT’S MR DARCY! Boy is super rich, super smart, and completely adorable with his awkwardness. (I have a thing for awkwardness.) Also, if she had been engaged to him, chances are she could have just told him to fix things between Bingley and Jane! But really, she made the right choice in saying no to him. He wouldn’t have realised what an ass he was being otherwise.

Stepping away from the Elizabeth/Darcy goodness, I’d like to add that Lydia is awesome. I know she goes and does a Very Bad Thing and is selfish and more than a little empty-headed, but I have a thing for girls who go against the grain. She’s very much like Elizabeth in that way. I like to pretend that Lydia is actually a genius and just pretends to be an idiot so that people brush off the things she does as her not knowing any better. After all, she does snag herself a husband in a roundabout and dangerous way…

And as much as I hate Wickham in the book, I kind of love him in Lost in Austen, which I should be reviewing next Friday. /self-plug

Last but not least, I need to mention that Mr Bennet is hilarious. He’s a horrible father who doesn’t seem to care about anyone but his Lizzie and his books, but he has some awesome one-liners. Not to mention, Austen writes at the end about how he just shows up at Pemberley when he’s least expected. I like to imagine him cackling the entire ride over, hoping that he’ll crash a romantic weekend Darcy and Elizabeth have planned or something.

Ha! I’d so planned to try to throw in a bit of academic stuff in here, but that didn’t happen… I’d love to hear your fangirling and/or deep analysis of this book. Also, throw some favourite lines at me. Favourite lines are the best!

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11 Responses to [discussion] Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

  1. I was going to try and post something intelligent on this post. And I probably will do that later, but for now, since it’s early and I’m in need of coffee, all I will say is: I read Pride & Prejudice because I wanted to see what the fuss over Darcy was about. And I was so pleased when I ended up falling in love with his character! ❤

  2. Three cheers for Mr. Bennet! In fact, I kind of loved all the old-married bickering between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. It always made me laugh, even though I thought Mrs. Bennet was a little silly and melodramatic. The contrast of their personalities, though, was amusing to no end.
    Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are always interesting to talk about, and I have to agree with you about Elizabeth’s turning Mr. Darcy down being both her greatest and worst moment. His proposal wasn’t knee-weakening to say the least, but I always got a little bit of an impression that she also turned him down, not necessarily out of lack of romance, but more because her pride was wounded as well. You know, what with all the INSULTS he threw at her. I wonder if she would have accepted him the first time if he had been kinder, but I think he needed to redeem himself in her eyes with Bingley and Jane. Sigh. I do love this book, though.

    • Agreed – as the reader, you still want Lizzie to accept Darcy despite the insults because HELLO. HE REALLY DOES LUFF HER. But she is bigger than that and has morals and standards and is basically the best heroine evah..

    • megtao says:

      Their marriage is so tragic to me. Mr Bennet seems to actually hate Mrs Bennet :/

      I don’t think she would have said yes even if he had been nicer, though I do agree that part of the reason she turned him down was hurt pride, but I think her sisterly love would have won out.

  3. You nail it with the awkwardness. He’s stiff and doesn’t know how to express himself and so his attempts come out all awkward and uncomfortable. I love it!

    To me, Lydia represents the most modern of the sisters while still having the most basic value – get a man and be a wifey. She’s completely boy crazy and doesn’t give a shiz who knows!

    I do love Mr. B because, like you said, he appears to be aloof and kind of flippant. But secretly he is observing EVERYTHING and knows the best way to handle his family of women. Sometimes that’s telling them the business, and sometimes that’s sitting back and watching and waiting.

    Another one of my fave characters from this book was Mr. Collins. He was probably the biggest source of comic relief in this book and I LOVED his absurdity and awkwardness.

    GREAT discussion post. also, I am FOREVER jealous of your blog title. Just a slight side note. ❤

    • megtao says:

      Oh Mr Collins! He is pure ridiculousness. His proposal scene is probably the most awkward thing ever.

      Apparently there’s a hint that Charlotte is pregnant somewhere in the book. I’ve never caught it, but the idea makes me both laugh and want to be a little ill. Poor Charlotte…

  4. Samantha says:

    I have seriously tried to comment three times now, but have never known where to start. There’s just so much to talk about with this book. 😀

    Let’s start with Lydia: I love that girl to bits! She’s just full of a love for and zest for life. I imagine that with her happy, bubbly personality that she’s probably a lot like how Lizzy was at fifteen too. (Though I expect Lydia is a lot more boy-crazy than Lizzy ever was, and a lot more spoiled too.) She is even more modern and independent and willing to go against society than even Lizzy. Elizabeth may defy her times and society by wanting to marry for love rather than monetary gain, but she still follows the morals and propriety set by society. Lydia on the other hand has no cares for propriety: she’s willing to flirt with anyone she wants, anytime she wants, with no cares about how people will view her for it or the scandal it will raise. It’s easy to view this as purely being selfish, because she doesn’t think about how her actions will affect her family, but at the same time it must be liberating to act the way she does. Lydia continually acts in a way to find her own happiness, and coming from a modern perspective, I can’t help but admire her for her determination (while at the same time screaming at her for not caring more for the pain and worry she caused her family, lol).

    And wow, that was a lot to say about just Lydia. There’s just SO MUCH to talk about with Pride and Prejudice! I could write essay upon essay upon essay about it! I mean, I haven’t even gotten to the Darcy fangirling, or the wonders of Mr Bennet’s wit and sarcasm, or my love for Mrs Bennet (who, when you look past her silliness and her nerves, is just doing her best to secure her daughters’ futures in the only way she knows how – marriage), or Mary and Kitty who are so often overlooked by the readers and by the other characters and even by their own family, and LIZZY. There is so much to be said about Elizabeth Bennet, and if I have any role model at all it would be her.

    And Mr Collins! And Lady Catherine! And the subtleness and humour of Austen’s writing. 😀

    I could seriously just go on and on for days. XDDD

    • megtao says:

      Lydia’s naivety upsets me. She was this~ close~ to being ruined forever. She would have ended up a prostitute on the street or dead had Darcy not stepped in. I like that she goes against expectations, but she doesn’t take the consequences seriously enough.


      • Samantha says:

        I MENTIONED HIM! (I just didn’t fangirl him. So let me do so now. ;))

        DARCY!!! I LOVE HIM MEG! LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM! He’s gorgeous, and rich, and intelligent, and flirts through verbal sparring (even though Lizzy is too busy being dense and thinking he hates her to realise HE’S BLOODY WELL FLIRTING WITH YOU GIRL!), and I WANT HIM! And seriously, whoever would’ve thought the name Fitzwilliam could be sexy? Because IT IS! (Have I used enough exclamation marks yet? No? OKAY!) And he’s chivalrous, and honest, and a GENTLEMAN! And okay, yeah, he’s arrogant, and a prat, and really has no idea to speak nicely to the woman he loves, but no one’s perfect right? 😉

        Should I keep going? 😉

        As for Lydia – on an emotional level she upsets me so much. I want to shake sense into the girl. She refuses to think about the consequences. It’s not even that she’s really naive, not completely naive anyway. I think that if she were to ever think seriously about her actions she would recognise the consequences. But because she’s always been encouraged by Mrs Bennet to act the way she does, and never remonstrated for it, she chooses to ignore any bad possibilities. Even when Darcy tries to point out to her what her life will be like with Wickham, Lydia makes the choice to ignore all of it and still marry Wickham. That’s more than naivety, that’s a willful stubborness to believe that her way is right.

        On an intellectual/analytical level, I love how modern and irrepressible she is, and how little she cares about creating scandal in her society.

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