[discussion] Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

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My favourite part of books is discussing them with other fans. Because I want my reviews to remain spoiler-free as they’re more likely to be read by those who haven’t read the book yet, I’m also planning to post “book discussions” for many of the books I review.  Obviously, these book discussions will contain spoilers and much flailing. Maybe some intellectual-like discussion…but mostly flailing.

Not gonna lie, all I want to talk about is the romance. Please feel free to discuss other more important aspects of the novel, but I’m kind of fixed on that one point right now because OH MY GOD LAUREN OLIVER WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO US.

So when Delirium ended I was a tiny bit in denial. I was obviously upset, but I was about 99.9% sure Alex was still alive, so I wasn’t too worried. I read Pandemonium expecting him to turn up every page. And then I would turn another page and he wouldn’t be there. And then he still wouldn’t be there. And then he still wouldn’t be there. But still, I wasn’t giving up hope. I decided that I would not fall for Julian because I knew Alex was coming back and I refused to give up on him.

But then Lena was so happy with Julian. And I mean, Julian was all ready to die for her. And I couldn’t keep hating on Julian just because he wasn’t Alex, right? So, I let myself like him a little bit AND THEN THEY SAID THERE WAS ANOTHER GUY THERE AND I KNEW RIGHT AWAY WHAT THAT MEANT. I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT. AND WHEN HE SHOWED UP MY HEART SHATTERED INTO A BILLION SHARP LITTLE PIECES THAT TORE INTO MY FLESH LIKE RABID MOSQUITOES. RABID. MOSQUITOES.

How could she do that to us? Poor Lena. I don’t know what she’s going to do. I want her to go back to Alex because…because it’s Alex, but at the same time if he’s going to be all angry and bitter she should stay away from him because that’s not healthy. At this point I’m kind of hoping they both die and then Lena can like…go live with Hunter or something. I don’t know. My heart hurts whenever I think about it and I feel like either way it’s going to suck for everyone involved.

I really, really, really hate having to wait for the next book. Like this is Mockingjay level of waiting pains (which is just below Deathly Hallows waiting pains and just above The Death Cure waiting pains).

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10 Responses to [discussion] Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

  1. Yep. Pretty much exactly what you said. I was waiting for Alex to pop up the whole time too, then was thinking he actually was dead, then they said another guy was there. And I was all, OH MAN I FORGOT!!! It kind of slayed me that he was angry, but in a good way. I love/hate that he overheard what Lena told Julian. And yes, I need Requiem. NOW.

  2. Oh bummer, Meghan! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this one – I liked Delirium but the way it ended, it seemed to go from intriguing to predictable and I thought “Oh great, here we go again.” I had to read your post because I wanted to get a better idea of whether to continue reading or not, and now I find out Oliver’s resorted to the tired old plot device of a love triangle! I don’t mind them very much, when they’re well done – loved the way Maria V Snyder did it in the Glass trilogy, so if this is anything like that then I’ll be content. I didn’t like the way Suzanne Collins did it, though. But I love emotionally intense series, and non-obvious storylines. But I’m still not sure if I have enough enthusiasm to read on. I guess I’m looking to people who have read Pandemonium to guide me!

    • megtao says:

      ahh why didn’t you just read the review and not the discussion so you wouldn’t get spoilers! It’s definitely worth reading and I’m hoping that the love triangle will be well done. *fingers crossed*

      • I needed a few spoilers! Sometimes, just sometimes, I need to know more about what’s coming to get me to read a book – sometimes it helps, knowing. But yeah, most of the time it totally ruins the magic of starting a book you know nothing about, and being swept in. I pretty much had that with the first book, but since I’m on the fence about book 2 I needed to know more about what happens. I’m getting there… 😉

  3. Totally with you on this one. On the third last page (or whatever it was) where they say someone else escaped – I just KNEW it was Alex and my heart felt like it fell right out of my chest. But you had to keep reading just in case it wasn’t but then it was and ahhhhhhhhhh. I walked around the house like a zombie for a few hours after.

  4. Melii says:

    Loved your book discussion :)))… I just read Delirium and Pademonium this pasts days so I still got the fever.. I just gotta say Team Alex!!! I think I’ll be angry if I sacrifice my life for someone , end up in jail, tortured, finally escape hoping I’ll see the person again or something… and then when I finally see the person Boom!!! with somebody else!… Lol… I don’t know how the book is going to turn out… that’s why I can’t wait for Requiem !!!… Ciao :))

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