Happy Birthday Prince Kai!

Today is Prince Kaito of Marissa Meyer’s Cinder‘s birthday! If I had to choose one book boyfriend, it would be Prince Kai. I love his sarcasm and his loyalty and how he works so hard to do the right thing.

I wanted to make an actual cake, but it’s the beginning of exams, so as much as I love Kai, I just don’t have the time. Instead, here’s a quick little drabble I’ve written about young Prince Kai on his birthday.


Pulling the hood of his dark sweatshirt a little lower over his face, Prince Kai strolled down the hallway of the palace, trying to look inconspicuous. The guards and others who passed politely pretended they did not see the soon to be thirteen year old prince as he made his way to the kitchens.

Upon entering the kitchen, the heat was like an invisible wall hitting him in the face, and he threw back his hood though it offered little relief. A couple of the sous-chefs glanced his way, but the majority continued their preparation. Today was the prince’s birthday feast, and the kitchens were under a tight schedule.

“Prince Kai, you know you can’t be in here. Especially today,” one of the chefs called from where she was frosting a cake that was taller than she, and she was the tallest in the room by nearly a head.

“I’ve asked you to call me Kai,” Kai grinned as he strolled through the kitchen, pretending like there wasn’t sweat pooling in every crevice of his body.

Prince Kai–” she began, but Kai interrupted her.

“I brought you something. It’s not fair that you have to work on your birthday, Makoto.”

She sighed, blowing her brown bangs from her face. “I don’t mind working on my birthday. Besides, I like decorating the cake. Though if they continue adding a layer every year eventually we’re not going to be able to fit it in the kitchen.” She frowned at him as he pulled a box from the front pocket of his sweat shirt. “You’re not proposing to me again are you?”

Kai forced an easy smile onto his face, even though the embarrassment of the memory made the already sweltering room seem hotter, “Not today. No, I saw these in the market, and they made me think of you.”

He flipped open the box with a flourish he had spent hours practising to reveal a pair of rose earrings. Makoto nearly dropped the bag of icing, her eyes widening.

“Prince Kai…you can’t…I can’t accept these.”

Kai’s grin widened with pleasure. He had been expecting that response and had prepared the perfect answer, “As a gift to me, please will you wear them?”

He closed the box and held them out to her. She really had no choice but to take them, and she did so with shaking hands. He took the opportunity to brush her knuckles with his lips, and then before she could say anything else, took off out of the kitchen, his heart pounding with the elation of first love.

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11 Responses to Happy Birthday Prince Kai!

  1. SailorEm says:


  2. zlikeinzorro says:

    I need to get my ass in high gear and read this book!

    Love the fan fic though 😉

  3. Eeeee~ ❤ This is so adorable! ❤ I love Prince Kai too! But, have to say, prefer him with Cinder. XDD Still, his first love is so cute. I love the way you portrayed him~ ❤

    P.S. Can't wait to read Scarlet!!! XDD

  4. Samantha says:

    Guh. baby!Kai is so adorable! 😀

  5. Cassie says:

    I so, so, so, hope they make a movie of this book. It was brilliant and you’re right he was totally dreamy in the non-typical way.

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