[review] Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

Ever since the disappearance of her twin sister, Gretchen has been living with survivor’s guilt and the fear that someday the witch will come for her too. After her step-mother kicks her and her brother, Ansel, out, the siblings travel across country, breaking down in the small town of Live Oak, South Carolina. But this small town has secrets as more and more of their young girls disappear every year, and Gretchen might be next.

Sweetly (Fairytale Retellings, #2)

Can we talk a little bit about how brilliant this book cover is. The companion book, Sisters Red, has a cover that is just as gorgeous and eye pleasing. I wish all covers were this beautiful. Why aren’t all covers this beautiful?

ANYWAY Jackson Pearce has a smooth, easy style that draws the reader in without them even realizing it. The plot itself keeps a low hum of excitement that propels the reader forward when they know that maybe they should be studying for exams instead. I may or may not be speaking from experience here. There were also some really nice turns of phrase when it came to Gretchen’s internal struggle with the disappearance of her sister and how it changed her life. I really felt as if the vanished twin was another character floating alongside Gretchen like a kind of clinging shadow.

As much as this is a companion book, there is no real need to read Sisters Red prior to reading Sweetly, though there are some elements that only someone who has read the other novel will find important (i.e. the red dresses, Samuel’s father, etc.). And the way the two books are tied together actually made me clap my hands in glee because it was something I should have seen coming. I love it when all the clues are there and you just don’t realise it until the big reveal! That is the sign of a great book, in my opinion.

The human element of the story was really nice as well. While I felt like Sophia and Ansel maybe could have been a little more well-rounded (especially Ansel), Gretchen was a fully fleshed character and her relationship with Sam was realistic. No love at first sight here! In fact, it’s more of an annoyance at first sight, and anyone who knows me knows I do love a good annoyance at first sight. Speaking of which…

Dear Sam,

Man, you are hot. I’m not quite sure why because you’re never really described as hot. You don’t have the smouldering eyes or the Greek god physique or the eyes that flash with withheld passion or any of that other crap that is supposed to mean you are attractive. Instead you have a quest and a gun and a serious chip on your shoulder. I’d like to ride your motorcycle…if you know what I mean. And I’m sure that you do.


Coffee & Wizards

Jackson Pearce is quickly making her way up my list of favourite authors. You should read all of her books!

Books with similar aspects

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Mira, Mirror by Mette Ivie Harrison

recommended to fans of fairy tale retellings and chocolate

not recommended to those who like their supernatural with a side of sparkle

Don’t just take my word for it!

“Basically, I loved this book. I thought that beyond it being a fun paranormal story, there were layers to it. Like a cake. Mmm… cake.” – Jen @ Almost Grown-up

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9 Responses to [review] Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

  1. Sweetly DOES have a gorgeous cover and I like how it forms a sinister face. Alas, I have not read any Jackson Pearce books yet and totally need to rectify that soon. Glad Sweetly was AWESOME!

    • megtao says:

      Her first contemporary book, Purity, is coming out the 24th of this month, so if you prefer contemp to supernatural fantasty, there’s that. 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    I really need to start reading some Jackson Pearce. I’ve currently got Sisters Red sitting on my floor waiting to be read.

    And yes, her COVERS! Both Sweetly and Sisters Red have amazing, gorgeous covers.

  3. forloveandbooks says:

    For some reason, Sisters Red had never really appealed to me – but this review makes me want to read both books ASAP!! I like the lack of insta-love, and your note to Sam definitely has me curious! (Besides, a guy with a motorcycle is always a plus!!)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  4. I need to read these books! The more I hear about them the more I want to read them!!

  5. I didn’t like Sisters Red. I didn’t hate it either. (I would bet that it largely has to do with my general dislike of werewolves.) Would you recommend this book to someone who didn’t enjoy Sisters Red so much? (Because I keep reading all these wonderful reviews, but then I got, eh, Sisters Red…)

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