[Author Interview] Zoraida Córdova

Today and for the first time ever I have a very special guest on Coffee & Wizards. Please put your fins together for Zoraida Córdova author of The Vicious Deep which will be released May 1st! Zoraida was kind enough to answer some questions as part of her Bloggers of the Deep book blog tour.

Meghan: What made you choose a male protagonist, and as a female writer did you have any difficulties getting into the head of Tristan? As a female reader, I thought his voice was very believable!

Zoraida:  I ultimately wanted to tell the story of a young guy. I wouldn’t call it “easy,” but growing up with lots of guy friends, it felt very natural.

M: If you could be a mermaid, fae, or vampire, which would you choose and why?

Z: I’m torn. On one hand, fairies can fly. But then there’s that whole aversion to iron. I’m not into drinking the blood, though I already have a nocturnal schedule, so I’m halfway to vampire.

It’s expected, but I’m going with mermaid. Plus, I’d be shiny.

M: It says in your author profile that you learned English by watching The Little Mermaid, which is so cool! What was your first language, and do you feel it has any affects (positive or negative) on your English writing? (Sorry, the linguist student in me is showing!)

Z: My first language is Spanish. Because I learned English so young, I didn’t even pay attention to the way I was learning it. On a positive note, my English is accent-less. Not so positive, my grammar could use some improvements (oh, my poor copyeditor).

M: What is your absolute favourite part of being a writer?

Z: Procrastinating on Twitter.
But also, the physical act of writing and creating a world that is my own.

Lightning round!

M: Feet or fins?
Z: Feet

M: Legolas or Aragorn?

M: Piper, Prue, or Pheobe? [from the television series Charmed]
Z: Paige

M: Love or duty?
Z: Duty

Thank you so much Zoraida for taking the time to answer my questions! I hope everyone will check out The Vicious Deep in a book store near you on May 1st. Also, my review will be going up on May 1st, so please look forward to that as well.

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2 Responses to [Author Interview] Zoraida Córdova

  1. Lucy says:

    What a fun interview. I just started reading The Vicious Deep yesterday so I enjoyed reading more about the author. The voice of the male protagonist is very realistic and I can’t wait to read more. Considering the influence The Little Mermaid has had on Zoraida, I love that her first book is about a merperson. And I guess I need to check out Charmed sometime too..

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