Five Favourite TV Kisses

Warning! Spoilers for seasons 1 and 4 of New-Doctor Who and the end of SyFy’s Alice.

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Five Favourite TV Kisses

5. Ten.2/Rose – Doctor Who

This kiss is so bitter sweet for me because it’s the Doctor, it is the Doctor, but it’s also not the Doctor, so I feel a bit like Rose is both betraying the Doctor and helping the Doctor at the same time and it just…hurts, but also makes me squeal.

4. Fran/Maxwell – The Nanny

The sexual tension between these two characters is so insane. Every single one of their kisses is like *fans self* This show is like family friendly smut.



3. Annie/Abed – Community


Abed was cosplaying as freaking Han Solo at the time. How can it not be perfect. My heart! This ship: I will go down with it!


2. Nine/Rose – Doctor Who

As far as kisses go, you don’t get much more perfect. The build up to this moment was intense, but even better is that you know that the Doctor isn’t only kissing her because he wants to (though look in his eyes–he really, really wants to), but because he wants to save her. For him, this is so much more than a physical attraction, and that makes this kiss so incredibly pure and beautiful.

1. Hatter/Alice

This is my most watched scene ever. Guys, my heart can’t even handle this. He’s all like “finally” and I’m all like *sob sob sob sob* and then he’s like “I missed you” and I’m like JUST LET ME DIE. And then I go eat a mountain of chocolate until the I CAN’T goes away.

True story.

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6 Responses to Five Favourite TV Kisses

  1. Angel says:


  2. Alice/Hatter… I just. I can’t. They make me have feelings.
    Also, Annie/Abed. You and I can go down with this ship together.

  3. Any Doctor Who kiss makes me all wibbly inside.
    Also, OMGYES Maxwell/Fran!

  4. Samantha says:


    And both Doctor/Rose kisses. I have so many feelings about both of them for so many reasons.

    And Max/Fran is all kinds of adorable. XD

  5. Tamara says:

    Oh god, Alice/Hatter. And he just looks so schmexy with that combed hair. It makes me want to diiiiieeee. It’s my most watched scene too. I didn’t want it to end ever ever ever.

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