[review] Black Heart by Holly Black

Cassel Sharpe wants to be a good person, but it’s hard to see what good is when you’re in love with a mob queen and you’re not so sure who the “good guys” are. The greatest choice of his life is ahead in the final chapter of the Curse Workers series.

Black Heart (Curse Workers, #3)

I was really looking forward to reading Black Heart. While the Curse Workers series didn’t blow me away, it is really well written and I found myself really appreciating the setting and even the characters although the plot twists didn’t do much for me. I thought the final instalment of the Curse Workers series was again well-written. The voice of the protagonist is clear and I love how things are phrased. It’s a straight-forward prose with a sharp edge that you can cut yourself on if you’re not careful.

There was one line that stuck with me after reading, and while I’m not generally one to collect quotes, I want to share this one with you:

“But now I wonder–what if everyone is pretty much the same and it’s just a thousand small choices that add up to the person you are? No good or evil, no black and white, no inner demons or angels whispering the right answers in our ears like it’s some cosmic SAT test. Just us, hour by hour, minute by minute, day by day, making the best choices we can. The thought is horrifying. If that’s true, then there’s no right choice. There’s only choice.

This quote really spoke to me because I feel I am generally known as the girl that makes the “good choice” or the “right choice.” But I don’t always feel like a good person, and not only because sometimes I’ll make the wrong choice. What this quote says to me is that it’s okay. There’s no such thing as perfect. We’re all just kind of stumbling along through life trying to make the right choice as often as possible.

One aspect of the book that really bothered me was the treatment of sex. As far as sex in why is concerned, I don’t think it’s something that should be used lightly. Yes, teenagers and even children have sex. Yes, sex is natural, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a light topic or should ever be treated lightly in something that children or other youths will read. I think that when sex is included in YA it shouldn’t be portrayed as a “next step” in a relationship because that is not all relationships are. And I think it sends the wrong sort of message to children and teens.

Books with similar aspects

 Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

White Cat by Holly Black

Red Glove by Holly Black

recommended to fans of interesting voices and mobsters

not recommended to those looking for a series to blow your mind

Don’t just take my word for it!

“Holly Black will have you savouring every page of the final chapter in Cassel Sharpe’s deadly world, and wishing there was much more of it to be had.” – Angel @Mermaid Visions (full review here)

“My final conclusions on the curse workers series is that it is most definitely worth reading.” Emily @ The Book Geek

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2 Responses to [review] Black Heart by Holly Black

  1. Interesting take on the sex aspect of the book. I didn’t think it was handled lightly. I didn’t find the act to be “the next step,” but that Lila and Cassel were finally at a point to be together with no more hang-ups. The resolution to their love story. I also think the ages of the characters (Lila, having left high school, and Cassel being so close to graduation) was taken into account.

    • megtao says:

      But look at all the crap they were going through? And then they have one okay moment and they’re suddenly like “let’s have sex!” Nevermind that they were both going through a ton of stuff and were extremely vulnerable at the time. That’s too lightly in my opinion.

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