[review] Legally Blonde: The Musical (2012)

I am something of a Legally Blonde: The Musical fangirl. I own the original soundtrack and it is probably my most listened to CD ever, and I’m counting the original Spice Girl’s CD. It was something of a dream come true getting to see a performance live, but as such a fan of the original I should have seen the disappointment coming.

I didn’t realize going in that it was basically a University production (I actually went to grade school with the choreographer). The girl who played Elle was really good and actually sounded quite a bit like the original Elle (with her own twist), but Emmett made me want to cry because while his acting was excellent his voice left much to be desired.

My favourite actor of the show would probably have to be Paulette. That girl was amazing! The accent and the voice and everything was just SO GOOD. I also really loved the guy who played Kyle. There was a point where he couldn’t get the door open for his entrance, so he just ducked in through the bottom window. It was awesome. Love live theatre.


I particularly liked getting to see “So Much Better” live because there’s just something about hearing amazing song live and sharing them with other people. Speaking of other people, for the most part the audience was pretty awesome at the whole clapping thing. The end of “Gay or European?” received probably the loudest applause (tied when Kyle pulled his window trick), which was really heart-warming. Except then I heard the grandmother in front of me tell her grand-daughter that it just meant they were “happy.” Oh really? This angers me for multiple reasons: 1. she apparently thinks her grand-daughter is an idiot because I’m pretty sure that entire scene was pretty obviously showing that those two men are in love and 2. the fact that she even felt it was necessary to explain it away as if she’s protecting her from something. But like I said, the overwhelming response was positive, so I’m going to focus on that.

Anyway, if you ever have the opportunity to see Legally Blonde the Musical, I totally recommend it. And even if you can’t see it live, the entire thing is up on youtube and you should go watch it right now.

Seriously. Go watch it right now.

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