[Top Ten Tuesday] Ten Blogs/Sites I read that aren’t about books

Top Ten Blogs/Sites I Read That AREN’T about Books

hosted by Broke and the Bookish

Um…truth be told…I don’t read a lot of blogs. In fact, my Internet presence has been steadily decreasing over the last few years. BUT there are a couple of sites that I frequent frequently (or frequently enough) and others that I will always return to.

10. modcloth.com

If I could redo my entire wardrobe, this is the place I would go. While I’ve never purchased any clothes from there…one day when I am a rich author I will own all the clothes. All. The. Clothes.

9. globaltv.com/ctv.ca/citytv.com/nick.com

Ever since the fall of MegaUpload, these have been my go-to tv watching sites. I watch Awake, Glee, NCIS, and NCIS: LA on Global, CTV lets me keep up with Castle, Grimm, The Mentalist, Once upon a Time, and Whitney, and 2 Broke Girls, Community, How I met Your Mother, and The New Girl are waiting for me on CityTV if I miss an episode. Nick, of course, gives me my weekly recommended dose of Legend of Korra, which you should really be watching.

8. Bibliophile’s Guide to the Galaxy

This is Christa’s of Hooked on Books non-book blog. It’s where she posts her Doctor Who  Watch-a-thon posts (I know, mine’s late! It’s coming I swear!) You won’t see that many blogs on this list, and that’s because I don’t have a whole lot of time to read blogs (especially non book review blogs), so these ones are special.

7. Daydream Believer

This is Helen’s writing blog. Helen is one of my newest absolute favourite people in the world (and believe me, it’s not easy to make it onto that list so quickly). I have beta’d her wip and believe me people, this is someone you want to keep an eye on. I have a sense for these things.

6. The Weekly Enthusiast

Anna is the other one of my new favourite people. She’s the brains behind the Fantastic Five Friday feature I participate in (missed this week’s because of a last minute double work shift D:). She also made my blog’s banner and button!

5. Uncharted Pages

Tamara has been on my favourite person list for a couple of years now. If you looked up talented and driven you would find a picture of her. This girl will write like ten thousand words in a day without breaking a sweat and she is ALWAYS working on improving. Want to watch an author go from wip to published, check her blog out because she is on her way.

4. twitter.com

You guys know what this is. Honestly, it is the one site I will check without fail. If you ever need me, your best bet is to tweet me @MegTao.

3. tumblr.com

If I am ever out of things to do (or looking for a way to avoid things I need to do) tumblr is the place to go. You can find me under the name some-imagination and I also co-run fyeahliferuiners with Aimee and Angel (who you will recognize form the Inner Senshi Book Club). Due to real life, like this blog my tumblr has been largely inactive, but summer is coming so I’m sure I’ll be back on there soon.

2. livejournal.com

I have met my best friends over at livejournal.com. Shout outs especially to the U_M girls (four of which make up the Inner Senshi Book Club) and the HiHers (especially my Gryffs! and especially, especially the Gryff Quidditch Team <3).

1. fanfiction.net

I have no idea how I discovered this site, but it basically began my whole Internet presence, leading me over to livejournal. My entire life would be different if it wasn’t for this site. While I haven’t posted in over a year, you can still check out my past stories (some very horrible and some merely horrible) under the pen name MegTao.

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15 Responses to [Top Ten Tuesday] Ten Blogs/Sites I read that aren’t about books

  1. THANK YOU FOR THAT TV LINK. I am severely behind on Glee and need this in my life so badly it hurts and makes me want to walk down empty high school corridors singing sad but popular songs as I stare longingly into classrooms where my ex-boyfriends are happily coexisting. le sigh.

    Love you, Captain.

  2. Tamara says:

    Did you know the links to your tumblr blogs aren’t working? @.@ Don’t worry – I still found ’em!!! 😀 I don’t blog on tumblr much, but I’m on my dashboard C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y.

    AND YAY! I can’t believe you included my itty bitty blog! ❤ Dang, I'd better get my butt into gear and write another post one of these days 😡

  3. Tumblr was on my list, too! It was part of the procrastination vacation that was writing my thesis. 🙂 And while it didn’t make it onto my list, I had a very similar experience with FF.net–it was what introduced me to fandom in general! (And yes, my early horrible stories are also still up!)

    Great list. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Smash Attack says:

    Wow, LiveJournal! It has been 10+ years since I’ve set foot in that domain. I remember thinking it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. 🙂

  5. Kyle says:

    Um yeah…I probably read equal amounts of Gilmore Girls fan fiction and regular books in high school. I was ADDICTED to fanfiction.net. I’m afraid to go back to fan fic…I’ll never be productive again

  6. Candice says:

    Okay, I was pretty sure I’d be the ONLY person to list ModCloth on this week’s TTT, but there you go! I love that site so much and yes… I want to own all the clothes too! Also, FanFiction.com is the bomb. I haven’t perused there lately because of my blog, but I spent hours on there a few years ago… mostly uploading my own stories! I’ll definitely have to go check out what you wrote and when you’re a famous author I can say “ZOMG I READ HER STUFF ON FANFICTION.COM!!!” 🙂

  7. I LOVE ModCloth even though I can’t really afford anything from there right now.

  8. I love Modcloth too even though I never buy anything from it. I’ve got to check out both of those writing blogs – need some inspiration. And thanks for including Bibliophile’s Guide! ❤

  9. jbaggiero says:

    I still lurk around ff.net every now and again. I think I was led there from ASMR back in the day if I remember correctly…

    If I’d made a list today, it would have been FILLED with social media though. I HAVE A SICKNESS.

  10. fishgirl182 says:

    modcloth has the most pretty clothes! i wish i could do more shopping there. great list!

    my ttt

  11. Thank you for sharing your links.

  12. reutreads says:

    I just started making use of the TV network sites for shows! CityTV is great for it. And totally agree with you about fanfiction.net being slightly life-changing. My views on a looooottt of things (read: ships) would be different had I not read Inuyasha/Sesshomaru slash M-rated fanfic at the age of seven 😉

  13. *blushes* Thanks, Meg! 😀

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