Doctor Who Watch-a-Thon 2×8

This is a twice a week feature (Wednesdays and Fridays) where Christa of Hooked on Books and myself will be watching and discussing all of the reboot of Doctor Who. Posts will contain spoilers for that episode and ones before it, so you may want to watch the episode before reading. I hope you’ll join us in enjoying this fantastic show, and don’t forget to check out Christa’s post (with past posts over here) as well! Allons-y!

The Idiot’s Lantern by Mark Gatiss

The Doctor and Rose go off on a date (okay, they don’t call it a date, but it’s totally a date) to see Elvis, but instead end up in London 1953 the day before Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. But instead of celebrations there are scared Londoners with secrets and a secret police force trying to keep it that way.


This episode starts as the cutest date ever. Gosh, these two are so much love it hurts sometimes. Okay, it hurts all the time. And really…that’s all I have to say about this episode. Those two are really, really cute. Everyone acts kind of weird in this episode (what was up with Rose with the Connely’s?) and some terrifying stuff happens. The end.

Favourite Quotes


Wells: 1

deaths: 1

new irrational fears: televisions

as a bonus, see my favourite out takes ever:


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4 Responses to Doctor Who Watch-a-Thon 2×8

  1. I love the simplicity of your post today 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    I really like this episode. Mostly for Rose’s awesome poodle skirt and the Doctor’s Elvis hairdo. ^^

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