[review] Partials by Dan Wells

After a war between humans and partials (genetically engineered soldiers gone rogue), humanity is on the brink of collapse thanks to a plague that killed 99.9% of the population and kills any baby that’s been born since. At sixteen Kira has two years before she has to worry about getting pregnant herself, like all fertile woman over the age of eighteen. Trained as a doctor, she knows that she’s going to need to do more than run tests on dying babies to figure out how to save them, but what she needs to possibly save them might only speed up their destruction.

Partials (Partials, #1)Let me be honest with you: I am a complete dystopian nut. I will read any and all dystopians you throw my way. All the dystopian elements of this book, I absolutely ADORE. I love the society and how it is trying to survive and all the fun details. However, there are some romance elements that I wasn’t so fond of.

Like, the love triangle thing. I’m really getting tired of the love triangle thing. At least give me a love-square for some sort of variety!

That being said, Kira is a SMART heroine which is super nice to see. The fact that she’s trained to be a doctor at sixteen was kind of mind blowing, but I guess kids can learn a whole lot faster when they have basically one on one training and they need to learn quick to survive.

In any case, I can’t wait to read the sequel. The way the story has been set up, I have hopes that the sequel will be even better than the first.

Books with similar aspects

Starters by Lissa Price

Wither by Lauren Destefano

Birthmarked by Caragh M O’Brien

recommended to dystopian fans (especially fans of Starters)

not recommended to those looking for another Hunger Games; you are not going to find another Hunger Games, people. It just won’t happen.

Don’t just take my word for it!

“If you like films and books with viral outbreaks, enjoy science fiction and the current post-apocalyptic fare – Partials by Dan Wells might be just the ticket for you.” – April @ Good Books and Good Wine

“… for those who have been reading dystopia for awhile now I find that this book doesn’t add anything to an already overcrowded genre.” – Christa @ Hooked on Books

Partials is a book that I could go on and on and on about what makes it amazing…” – the Paperplanes

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6 Responses to [review] Partials by Dan Wells

  1. aimee says:

    The premise of this book sounds interesting, but isldghhdkgsdgh, I am really sick of the love triangle thing too. Especially love triangles in dystopians – why do the two HAVE to go together? I’d love to see a well-written, well=plotted dystopian with three (or more) amazing characters who aren’t all in love with the same person. That would be nice. (But I’ll probably still pick this up because Kira sounds like my kind of heroine.)

  2. Ah Partials. This book certainly sounds like it’d be one that I enjoy. I love a good dystopian now and again, and this one’s premise is pretty good.

  3. Yeah, I am pretty weary/bored of love triangles as well. I think my favorite element was the training to be a doctor parts.

    • megtao says:

      Yeah, that’s not something you see in a lot of YA novels, even if it was kind of strange to imagine people becoming doctors that young.

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