[review] The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart

Once upon a time Ruby Oliver had three friends and a boyfriend. But that was before the batrayal. Before the dance. Before the kiss. Before the therapist. Before the boyfriend list.

The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver, #1)E. Lockhart jumped onto my favourite author list the moment I read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, and this book, the first in the Ruby Oliver series, has cemented that spot.

How do I describe The Boyfriend List? The Boyfriend List is chick lit with a feminist kick. If I could, I would date The Boyfriend List because it’s funny, honest, and totally open about sex. One time, The Boyfriend List punched misogyny in the face. It was awesome.

Seriously though, the characters in TBL are totally realistic. Sometimes they do crap things because they’re human. Sometimes they’re mean. Sometimes they are judgemental. Sometimes they jump to conclusions. Because they’re human. Ruby Oliver may be the coolest fifteen year old you will ever meet. She’s a great mix of witty wisdom and complete cluelessness.

I also really love that as much as this book is centred around “romance,” it is not a romance. Or at least, it is not only a romance. It is more of a coming of age story. A girl finding her way story. And I loved every word.

Books with similar aspects

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Bumped by Megan McCafferty

I’d tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you by Ally Carter

recommended to girls looking for something funny and romantic with a kick of wit and intelligence

not recommended to …er…girls who have it all figured out?

BONUS! Here’s a video on my first thoughts on the second book in the series, The Boy Book

Don’t just take my word for it!

“Awesome, thy name is Ruby Oliver.” – April @ Good Books and Good Wine

“E. Lockhart not only has her finger on the pulse of adolescence, she demonstrates a perfect knowledge of what complexity of it all.” – Katya

“This book is better than any relationship self-help book out there.” – the Readventurer

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9 Responses to [review] The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart

  1. Jac @ For Love and Books says:

    I feel like I’m the last person on the planet to read this one! And I LOVED Beauty Queens, so I definitely need to give this one a shot!
    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  2. Brittany says:

    Cute! I think a lot of people have read this one and I’m wondering why I haven’t lol. It sounds great!

  3. Love the frog on the cover! And I’m always down for a book with a feminist kick!

  4. Candice says:

    “One time, The Boyfriend List punched misogyny in the face.” And I laughed, and laughed… You, my friend, crack me up! I just finished Frankie and LOOOOOVED it. I definitely want to read some more books by e. lockhart and this series sounds right along my alley! Great review!

  5. Lisa says:

    I love Ruby and I love that she feels so REAL. Mistakes and all.

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