[review] Pride and Prejudice (1995)

When it comes to Pride and Prejudice, I will read or watch anything, but somehow I had managed to miss what is considered THE Pride and Prejudice miniseries, so thanks to my lovely library I remedied that. Sorry Keira Knightly, but I have a new Elizabeth Bennet and her name is Jennifer Ehle.

In fact, all of the actors in this mini series are PERFECT. I can’t even describe how perfect they are. Bingley makes me want to curl up in a ball of squees every time he’s on screen. Colin Firth as Darcy *fans self* The only character I was disappointed in was Wickham, but I am unusually picky about my Wickhams.

And it’s so much truer to the book than the movie adaptation because it’s like six hours so there’s TIME to tell the STORY. Characters that are missing from the movie, exist in the mini-series. And I suddenly understand the importance of eyes in acting. The eyes are everything.

If you are a Pride and Prejudice fan, it is a total must-watch and completely worth the time. It is gorgeous you guys. Totally gorgeous and feel-making.

(While I’m on the topic of P&P, you also need to check out The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is a modern retelling of P&P through vlogs, twitter, and tumblr. It is brilliant!)

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9 Responses to [review] Pride and Prejudice (1995)

  1. Candice says:

    When I was a senior in high school I took AP English and towards the end of the year when we had run out of stuff to do – because we had already taken our test – our teacher let us watch this. OMG every girl in the class was IN LOVE with Mr. Darcy. That was my first experience with Colin Firth and I’ve loved him ever since!

  2. sanalith says:

    OH MEG!! I had no idea you’d never seen this P&P version! I would have bought it and mailed it and shoved it down your throat if I’d known!! I’m so glad you experienced it. (“Watched” it just seems wrong…it’s a true experience!) Colin and Jennifer just blow the entire Lizzy/Darcy dynamic out of the water! ❤

    • megtao says:

      I’ve gotten a couple reactions from P&P fans when I let it slip I hadn’t seen it before, so I tried to keep it relatively unknown XD XD

      They really are the perfect Lizzie and Darcy. I’m glad I saw this after I saw the more recent movie because I think the movie would be disappointing in comparison.

  3. L. Palmer says:

    Love this miniseries! I’ve watched it far too many times. Also love the gif you added. My family calls that scene “The Look.” The first time we watched it, we rewound that moment about twenty times. It is a moment when you just melt. Now, when someone goes on a date, we ask, “Did you get ‘The Look’?
    Fun review.

  4. Samantha says:

    I am so excited that you’ve finally seen this! Jennifer Ehle is the reason why I could never get behind Keira Knightley as Elizabeth. I spent ten years watching Jennifer as Elizabeth over and over before the movie came out, so Keira just couldn’t compare.

    And Colin Firth. Is there anyone more perfect to be Darcy? Hell, I once read somewhere that it was his performance as Mr Darcy that inspired Helen Fielding to create the character of Mark Darcy in her Bridget Jones newspaper column before it was turned into a book. 😀

    And UGH, the LOOKS between them. *sighs* XDDD

    • megtao says:

      I can definitely understand that now. I’m glad I saw the movie first because otherwise I’m sure I’d have been disappointed in it.

      I’ve heard that too, and that’s why he played Darcy in the movie too, which is basically the most brilliant thing ever. I love that movie series. I still need to read the books.

  5. Lisa says:

    As much as I ardently adore Matthew MacFayden as Darcy, Colin Firth owns that shit.

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