Recommend a… First Book in a Series

This is a new meme hosted by Chick Loves Lit that caught my eye. Basically, every Monday there’s a new prompt which you use to recommend an awesome book. There’s not much I love more than recommending a good book, except maybe having a good book recommended to me!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)It was bound to happen eventually. Actually, I’m surprised I’ve held off from recommending this series for so long. Be impressed.

People of the book blogosphere, if by some chance you’ve yet to read the Harry Potter series, you must do so immediately. Perhaps you feel like you’ve missed the prime Potter reading time. Perhaps you’ve seen the movies and don’t see the point in reading the books now that you know how it ends. Perhaps you think this is a children’s book and you’re too old, mature, WHATEVER for a children’s book. Maybe wizards just aren’t your thing. Whatever your reason, I am telling you now, just read the first book.

Just read it.


This book will change your life.

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6 Responses to Recommend a… First Book in a Series

  1. I met someone who hadn’t read this recently. It was crazy. Everyone turned on them. It was a guy who doesn’t really read anything though. I’m pretty sure he’s read it by now! I consider HP required reading as well!

  2. Smash Attack says:

    Epic rec!

  3. Becky B. says:

    Exactly, definitely a must read for everybody. 🙂

  4. theairtwit says:

    I absolutely love the Harry Potter series — no matter what my age, I can get lost in the books and enjoy them every time. HP always makes for a great recommendation!

  5. aimee says:

    HARRY POTTER. Do you know what’s weird? I thought today was the 31st (and found it seconds before I started writing my Recommend A… post that it was only the 30th), so I was going to recommend Harry Potter too as a tribute to JK Rowling and Harry’s birthdays. But then I found out that it was only the 30th (I think that’s like… Seiya from Sailor Moon’s birthday, so not as special at all and not really relevant ><; ), and I decided to go with something less known.

    It still astonishes me that people haven't read HP, though I guess I understand the hesitation because huge fandoms are scary and some people (like me before I picked up HP when the first three books were being released in the US) generally stay away from too popular things. Which I get, but it makes me sad and makes me want to shout, YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL AND EPIC until they pick it up.

    What I don't understand is people who watch the films and actually really love them, but stay away from the books just because. Especially if "just because" is just that they don't want to read a children's book. Because the story is the same, the things that happen are the same (and in some instances, even more painful on the page than on the big screen), and it doesn't make sense to reject one for not being "mature" enough and love hte other when teh story is the same.

    (I also love that you said, "Or you THINK it's a children's book" because that word needs to be emphasized. People need to just give the entire series a try and stop judging it beforehand.


    This book will change your life.



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