[Top Ten Tuesday] Ten Posts

Top Ten Posts that would give the best picture of ME!

hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

10. [review] The Hunger Games (movie)

9. Reading YA from a Feminist Perspective

8. Ten Fictional Crushes

7. [review] SyFy’s Alice

6. The Hero and The Heroine

5. [review] Holy Musical B@man

4. Ten Feminist Novels

3. [discussion] Graceling by Kristin Cashore

2. [review] Doctor Who 2×13 Doomsday

1. On Friendship with Boys

About megtao

Student. Writer. Nerdfighter. Fights for love, justice, and awesome.
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1 Response to [Top Ten Tuesday] Ten Posts

  1. L. Palmer says:

    I sense a love of feminism on this list… Actually, that’s something I look at too. My youngest sister is 11, and ever since she was five she’s asked, “Why can’t I be a girl character in this video game?” She likes movies and books with butt kicking girls. When it comes to Batman, she’s more excited by Batgirl and Catwoman. I’m working on my own fiction, and a large part of it is written for her.

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