Doctor Who Watch-a-Thon 3×11

This is a twice a week feature (Wednesdays and Fridays) where Christa of Hooked on Books and myself will be watching and discussing all of the reboot of Doctor Who. Posts will contain spoilers for that episode and ones before it, so you may want to watch the episode before reading. I hope you’ll join us in enjoying this fantastic show, and don’t forget to check out Christa’s post (with past posts over here) as well! Allons-y!

Stay tuned for daily Doctor Who recap posts as I play catch-up. Normal posting will resume after I have caught up.

Utopia by Russell T Davies

When an old friend finds the Doctor refueling in Cardiff, the TARDIS flees all the way to the end of the universe where the last of the humans hang on, praying for Utopia.

For me, this episode has always felt like a bit of a filler. It was a way to set up all the pieces before you knock them down in the last two episodes of the season. However, it still contains a lot of good old fashioned Doctor Who adventure aka a lot of running.

As someone who hasn’t watched classical Who, the Master didn’t have that big of an affect on me. Rewatching the series, I can appreciate the Master’s arc much more. The first act of the Master is destruction and that makes his final act that much more remarkable.

As always, I love Captain Jack Harkness. (Did I mention that I got to meet John Barrowman at Fanexpo. He is a fantastic human being, and if you ever have an opportunity to meet with him or have a photo op or anything, you should definitely do it because he makes the experience special for every single person. He has a limitless amount of energy and he is just such a beautiful human being.) I loved that they played the Torchwood theme music when he first arrived.

The last thing I noticed was the difference between Moffat and Davies’ view on what is “dangerous” for the Doctor. For Davies, the worst thing that could happen to the Doctor is being stranded somewhere without the TARDIS. Moffat, on the other hand, scares the viewer with the possibility of regeneration or final death. I think Davies has the right idea, personally.


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4 Responses to Doctor Who Watch-a-Thon 3×11

  1. There is a lot of running in this episode isn’t there? I didn’t really realize it the first time I watched it, but the second time around it really stood out.

  2. Gina says:

    I discovered Doctor Who last year and I am definitely hooked. I love the watchathon posts!

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