Doctor Who Watch-a-Thon 3×7

Missed this episode. My bad.

This is a twice a week feature (Wednesdays and Fridays) where Christa of Hooked on Books and myself will be watching and discussing all of the reboot of Doctor Who. Posts will contain spoilers for that episode and ones before it, so you may want to watch the episode before reading. I hope you’ll join us in enjoying this fantastic show, and don’t forget to check out Christa’s post (with past posts over here) as well! Allons-y!

Stay tuned for daily Doctor Who recap posts as I play catch-up. Normal posting will resume after I have caught up.

42 by Chris Chibnall

Martha and the Doctor find themselves on a transport vessel with 42 minutes before it crashes into a sun.


This is another one of those forgettable episode for me. In fact, it was so forgettable that I nearly forgot to watch it. It is basically the Martha version of the Satan’s Pit/The Impossible Planet, except you don’t get the awesome secondary characters and everything is more rushed and less cool.

I mean, the quiz thing was fun just because I like quizzes, but that was dropped after a couple of questions, which was disappointing. I guess the entire thing felt very disjointed. It’s like the writer wanted to get in all these things, and in trying to do so failed to do anything well. It was very much a throwaway episode that did little to advance either the series plot or the development of the main characters.


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2 Responses to Doctor Who Watch-a-Thon 3×7

  1. It was way to similar to The Satan’s Pit. And only a season later. Too soon Doctor Who writers. Too soon.

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