[fantastic five friday] Favourite Television Relationships

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 Five Favourite Television Relationships

I’m going for purely unromantic relationships (I’m pushing it with #3, but since Moffat is so set on them not being a romantic couple I guess I’ll respect that if only so I can include them on this list).

5. Mal and Zoe (Firefly)

I love how alike these characters are and the fact that they have total trust in each other. I also love that there is absolutely no romantic anything between them, which is bluntly discussed in an episode where Zoe’s husband reveals some of his jealousy. When people say girls and guys can’t be friends, I won’t to point them to this show.

4. the Halliwell Sisters

I really, really, really wanted to include an example of female friendship in this list, and do you know how freaking impossible it is to do that? Like really hard. I don’t understand why it was so hard. I don’t know if it’s because I’m biased against all-female relationships for some reason or if there’s just not any good all-female relationships being shown on television. Neither would be good. Anyway, I do really like the Halliwell’s and how they support each other and look out for each other.

3. Sherlock and John (Sherlock)

I couldn’t not include them. The interaction between these two is just so perfect. I love John’s trust in Sherlock, but how he’s also not afraid to tell Sherlock when he’s being an ass. I love that Sherlock trusts John’s judgement. I just love them.

2. Castle and Alexis (Castle)

The relationships in Castle are probably some of the best on television, so it was hard for me to narrow it down to Alexis-Castle (Castle-Kitty came a close second). I love the parent-child relationship between these two because it’s not always easy to tell which is the parent and which is the child.

1. the Doctor and Donna (Doctor Who)

I’m about to watch season 4 for my Doctor Who Watch-a-Thon I’m doing with Christa, so you’ll soon see in depth why I love these two so much, but basically it’s for the same reasons as Firefly, but with more complications and much more heart break involved.


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5 Responses to [fantastic five friday] Favourite Television Relationships

  1. waterlexeme says:

    The Doctor and Donna is my favourite Dr Who companion – doctor team also. I have no idea why so many people don’t like it. Catherine Tate and David Tenmet have such great energy together and Tate is so dam funny!

  2. aimee says:

    Lol, I was going to do this at one point because romantic relationships made it too difficult to only choose five. But then I ended up throwing in ensemble casts (Friends, HIMYM) and the writing about relationships within groups of relationships, and failed. ><;;;

    But YES to the Halliwells. (I can't comment on anything else until I watch those shows, or go back and finish Doctor Who. Which I will do, I swear.)

  3. Awesome twist! I adore the relationship that Castle and Alexis have. It’s so amazing.

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