[review] Past Perfect by Leila Sales


Hey everyone this is Meghan from Coffee & Wizards. I am here to talk to you about this book: Past Perfect by Leila Sales. It’s kind of a split between a contemporary romance and a historical romance because it takes place in a re-enactment camp.

In the book you get to meet Chelsea or Elizabeth Connely depending on if she’s working or not. Her parents are both re-enactors by profession, so she’s grown up doing it herself. The Essex Historical Colonial Village is basically a second home to Chelsea. Every year there’s this war in between the workers from the Essex Historical Colonial Village and Reenactmentland, where they re-enact Civil War stuff. So the Colonial people hate the Civil War people and the Civil War people hate the Colonial people, and the young people that work at both of those places try to sabotage each other as much as possible with pranks. In the past it seems like it was kind of a friendly war, but in this book it really heats up.

Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend, Ezra, is also working at Essex Colonial Historical Village, which is not something that he’s done in previous years. It kind of sucks for Chelsea.

One of the thing I really enjoyed about this book is the realistic portrayal of the feelings that come with first and second love. It made me flashback to my own crushes. I could totally relate to Chelsea and her feelings.

One of my favourite aspects of the book is the friendship between Chelsea and Fiona. I don’t think friendship is often discussed in young-adult fiction. When the protagonist finds a romantic attachment she tends to drop the best friend. And it’s something that has come to be accepted, like that’s normal. Oh a girl falls in love and then she drops her best friend. I think that is a super bad message to be sending to young women, so I really enjoyed that aspect of Past Perfect because it showed that Fiona and Chelsea supported each other. They interacted with each other in a very realistic way. They weren’t always super happy with each other, but they always were friends, and they never let the romance get in the way of that.

So that’s everything. Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this review, don’t forget to subscribe. If you’ve read Past Perfect, I would love to hear what you thought of it in the comments. If you have any other books where the protagonist doesn’t drop the best friend when she was falls in love, I would like to hear about those. Thanks!

Don’t just take my word for it!

“…lay your hands on a copy of it when it drops, because it is awesome and there’s romance and war and history.” – April @ Good Books and Good Wine

“You’ll never look at period costumes the same way again.” – Angel @ Mermaid Visions

“Leila Sales is definitely someone to watch out for in contemporary YA today” – Reut Reads

“I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys amusing conversations, ice cream, phenomenal pranks, history, and period costumes.” – Aimee @ Penmanship Smitten

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