Ontario Blog Squad Meet-Up

Last weekend I went to my first ever book related meet-up run by the incomparable Ontario Blog Squad, who I want to thank for all of their hard work in putting together the event. It was a lot of fun, though slightly overwhelming considering the huge turn out because holy cow there were a lot of people.

Unfortunately, I did not talk to nearly as many people as I should have because I got hit with a severe case of introvert-itis, but I did manage to talk with a couple of people. Of course I spent time with Angel, Christa, and Michele who I’ve met with in person before (thanks for letting me stay with you Angel and making sure I didn’t get lost in Toronto despite your streets’ attempts to maim me! <3) I also got to have a quick chat with the lovely Lesley Livingston who remembered me from Fanexpo! Shannon from Giraffe Days actually recognized me from my blog, and I was super happy to talk with her. Thank you so much for coming up and saying hi! I also got to be introduced to/chat with Brenna, Wendy, Sara, and Shannon from The Savvy Reader who were all wonderfully nice despite my social awkwardness. I think my favourite introduction was Lindsey who made me laugh way too much.

(I know I’ve forgotten to mention people… there were so many of you who I only got to speak with for a moment! I’m sorry!!)

Then there were all the books… So many books. Too many to name, so I’ll stick with my favourite of the bunch: an ARC of Maureen Johnson’s The Madness Underneath! Be still my heart!! I keep taking breaks from work to stare at it longingly. I won’t be able to read it until after exams, but just having it makes me so happy.

All in all, I had such a fantastic time. It was definitely scary for me as someone who does not enjoy large groups of people (even awesome people), but I’m definitely glad I made the trip up to participate. As someone who is more on the fringes of the book blogosphere, it was nice to meet with people with similar interests and passions. The publishers and authors who attended were all so nice and enthusiastic, and it really made me feel as if bloggers play a bigger role in the book industry than I had originally thought. Lesley’s speech thanking the book bloggers for all that they do actually had me tearing up.

So yes, if you have a chance to attend a similar event, I would definitely recommend it, though I would definitely say don’t be afraid to talk to people! It’s so hard to remember when you’re in the situation itself, but really: talk to people!

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7 Responses to Ontario Blog Squad Meet-Up

  1. Jasmine Rose says:

    Oh, but I’m so terribly good at not talking to people.

  2. Alyssa says:

    That sounds like it was fun, I’m jealous of your “The Madness Underneath” ARC :). I saw you’re watching Arashi on your twitter updates. They are my LOVES! It’s greeat seeing another Arashi fangirl! Watch their concerts if you haven’t yet.

    • megtao says:

      I’m slowly making my way through their concerts. I’m currently watching 5×10. Mostly I’m watching VSA because it’s the best. Who’s your favourite?

      • Alyssa says:

        I love 5X10. It’s a great starter concert since they sing all their hits. My favorite con is probably Scene 10-11 in Dome. The boys are just the dorkiest of dork and they play most of my favorite songs. Do you need any of the concerts subbed? I belong to most of the sub groups on livejournal.

        VSA is awesome! Have you watched any of the episodes where the boys join their drama teams? They are awesome for Jun’s competitiveness and the ShoFail! You have so much to look forward too in their old shows. Lots of awesome.

        I love all five guys but my favorite is Aiba. He’s just a ball of sunshine and really HOT. Have you figured out a preference yet? 🙂

  3. I know exactly what you mean about having the case of introvert-itis, it takes time to get over. But you were definitely with the right group to be able to meet lots of people. And I absolutely loved Lesley’s speech, glad you mentioned it, and I’m happy to hear that I was not the only one tearing up at that. Great recap!

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