[review] The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan


Hey everyone this is Meghan from Coffee & Wizards. Today I’m here to talk about The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan. This was my very first kind of poetry novel. It’s like written in poetry kind of thing. Yeah. I found myself kind of lost in it, and not in, like, the good way of being lost in a book, but in the bad way of not really being able to find my footing and understand what was happening.

It was really beautifully written, and I thought that it was really interesting because you get all of these different perspectives from these different characters who are all, like, interconnected in different ways. I found that super interesting. They all had their own issues that they were dealing, and there were a lot of interesting issues and important issues. There was, like, body image issues for both men and women and sexuality and just, like, a whole, whole bunch of stuff in there that was super interesting and I loved. David Levithan is really good with dealing with the hard teenage issues that don’t often get as much discussion as they should.

I couldn’t keep track of which character was which and how they were connected to each other. I found it really difficult to follow the story line ’cause there’s not really a story line it’s just all these individual stories and it’s just really a story of, like, life.

For me it fell a little flat, but I think that it’s still a beautiful, beautiful book, and that contemporary fans and those who really enjoy books that are told in different ways and are told in interesting ways will enjoy this. If you’re already a David Levithan fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. If you’re not, I strongly recommend that you check out his other books. They’re all solid books, so I would definitely recommend him as a writer, and I would recommend his books, including The Realm of Possibility.

If you have read The Realm of Possibility, don’t forget to let me know what you thought of it down below. I would love to discuss the book with you. If you’ve read any of David Levithan’s other books, I would love to hear which one is your favourite. Try to avoid spoilers please. Info down below. Leave your comments down below. If you enjoyed this or any of my other reviews, don’t forget to subscribe. And that is everything. Bye.

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  1. I LOVE David Levithan and I’ve heard good things about this book, although I haven’t read it myself just yet. Sorry it fell flat for you 😦

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