[Fantastic Five Friday] Story Arcs

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 Five Favourite Story Arcs

5. The Dark Mercury Arc – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

As some of you may know, I kind of really identify with Sailor Mercury, so I really connected with about this arc. Having shy, sweet Amy give into her darker side… I think it’s something I can really relate to.


Watching Mr. Sheffield try (and fail) to fight his affections for Nanny Fine was so much fun that it hurt. Thankfully, viewers had Niles on our side to push him along.

3. The Zuko (has a lot of issues) Arc – Avatar: The Last Airbender

I really love it when shows have nuanced villains. I love it even more when those villains become part of the good guys. Zuko was my favourite character in this show, followed closely by Sokka, so it’s no wonder his character arc is my favourite.

2.The Doom Tree Arc – Sailor Moon

I know this arc never showed up in the mangas, but there is something about it that stuck with me. I’ve only watched until the almost end of the Black Moon Clan arc (I know, I’m a bad Moonie), and season one was awesome, of course, but there is something about the Doom Tree episodes… I think it’s mostly because Serena/Usagi knows and Darien/Mamoru doesn’t that really gets to me. I like watching my pairings suffer?

1. The Rose/Doctor Arc – Doctor Who

You call it a pairing, I also call it a pairing, but today it is a story arc! The way Rose and the Doctor grew and changed together in the first and second season of New Who, how he dealt with her being gone in seasons three and four, and then her glorious return and end in four… it’s beautifully heartbreaking. It is the story arc that reeled me into Doctor Who and will always hold a number one spot in my heart.

And in reply to Ten’s question: YES, IT FUCKING DOES NEED SAYING!

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5 Responses to [Fantastic Five Friday] Story Arcs

  1. I agree with your last statement. SAY IT!!!

  2. aimee says:

    The Doom Tree arc was one of my favorites too, actually. It’s because it’s the most we have of just Usagi and Mamoru being Usagi and Mamoru (they don’t really get a chance in the future, what with Chibiusa, the break up, the Outers storyline (there are maybe only a handful of episodes in S that focus on Usagi and Mamoru, though there is that Princess Kaguya film), SuperS (more Chibiusa, though there are scenes about U/M too), and then… Stars (let’s not even talk about what THIS did for U/M, minus episode 173). Yeah… I still can’t believe that there are only a FEW kisses between U/M in TWO HUNDRED episodes. *sighsighsigh* (If I was doing the new anime, that is one thing I would fix. Just because… whyyyyyyy would you decrease the amount of adorable relationship-y scenes between the most epic couple ever, when they’re basically attached to each other forever in the manga?)

    …Sorry, I got sidetracked. ><;; My point is, YES to the Doom Tree arc because it was adorable seeing Mamoru kind of fall in love with Usagi again, not even realizing it was happening, once again reaffirming the fact that he fell in love with her for her, and not their past. And when you have adorable episodes like the babysitting one or the one with the video arcade, what's not to like?

  3. Zuko is by far my fav character from Avatar: The Last Airbender and it is most definitely because of his arc and conflicted character!

    And on a weird side note… I also like Zuko’s voice and was happy that the same voice actor (who was also Rufio in Hook) is voicing General Iroh in Korra. I kind of want an Iroh/Korra/Mako love triangle…

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

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