[Fantastic Five Friday] Pilot Episodes

Fantastic Five Friday is a new weekly meme hosted by Anna at The Weekly Enthusiast. You can take part even if you don’t have your own blog: just comment on her FFF post of the week!

 Five Favourite Pilot Episodes

5. Merlin

The immediate butting of heads between Arthur and Merlin was the best! Back then the biggest worry was keeping Arthur alive and making sure he didn’t find out that Merlin had magic…well, I guess that’s STILL the biggest worry. Hm.

4. Glee

I’ve probably seen this more than any other pilot. I was so excited to watch this show. So weird.  The introduction to all the characters… I wish all of the episodes were as good as this episode. I mean, it fell back on a lot of clichés, but I don’t think that’s a problem for a pilot episode. For the rest of a series, however…

3. Lost

I kind of don’t want to talk about it because it still hurts to talk about this show. Like in Glee, I loved the introduction to all the characters. Plus, looking back on this show and thinking about how much I would come to love these characters… it’s kind of fantastic.

2. Once Upon a Time

I just really loved the Snow/Charming element of this episode. Honestly, the episode was basically “how to make Meghan fall in love with Charming” and it worked. The moment he started sword fighting with a baby in his arms, I could hear the ovaries of women all over the world exploding.

1. Sherlock

I would explain this…but I think it’d be easier to show you:

I hope that clears things up…

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9 Responses to [Fantastic Five Friday] Pilot Episodes


    And Merlin. I could watch their pilots again and again

  2. Glee almost made my list, it was probably my most watched pilot. But, I couldn’t bump anyone off my list. I loved those ones a lot more.

    Not gonna lie, Charming fighting with a baby in his arms made me giggle. Only because I was thinking “Who do you think you are? Xena?” But it was still pretty awesome.

  3. B says:

    I love OUAT! Nice list!

  4. LillyLilac says:

    I love the Merlin pilot as well but I think I’ve watched it too many times. I also loved Once Upon a Time and Sherlock’s pilots.

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  6. Candice says:

    All of these pilots were FANTASTIC!!! I love love love these shows! Well, Glee not so much anymore… but I adored the pilot and was so sad that it didn’t come on again the next week!

  7. “The moment he started sword fighting with a baby in his arms, I could hear the ovaries of women all over the world exploding.” HAHAHAHAHA! You’re so funny 😛

    I need to return to this show. I missed a few episodes and it fell out of my routine 😦

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

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