[review] Sever by Lauren Destefano

Warning: Possible spoilers for Wither and Fever. Thank you to the Ontario Blog Squad and Simon & Schuster for the ARC!

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Rhine may be out of the basement, but she can never be completely out of Vaughn’s clutches. As Rhine’s search for her brother continues, she learns that the truth doesn’t always set you free: sometimes it adds a new lock to your cage.

Sever (The Chemical Garden, #3)I think the best thing I can say about this book is that I liked it more than Fever and that the covers remain one of my favourite aspects of this series. Seriously. They are so pretty and matching.

One thing that helped make this book better for me was the absence of Gabriel and the inclusion of Linden. If you’ve read my reviews of Fever or Wither, you know that Linden is basically the only character in the entire series I like. Because he was around I even almost stopped hating Rhine, but not quite because her lack of logic remains astounding. (How did she survive all those years? I’m surprised she wasn’t kidnapped earlier!)

Destefano also makes a valiant effort to join loose ends into cute little circles, but this made the story feel a too contrived at times. (I’m looking at you Madame.) I feel like while Destafano’s excels at the prose side of writing, her plotting, pacing, and character development leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, pretty words are not enough for me, and that made reading this series more frustrating than fun.

While fans of the dystopian-romance genre are likely to enjoy the series, if you’re anything like me and you haven’t picked up Wither yet, I’d recommend passing it by. Read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood instead: it deals with the same topics but explores the themes in a deeper, more satisfying way.

Don’t just take my word for it!

“I think Sever did a wonderful job of tying up both the plot and the relationship strands of the story.” – YA Romantics

“I think everyone will be very happy with the ending of this trilogy I know I sure was!” – Two Chicks on Books

“This is dystopian at some of it’s best.” – The Diary of a Bookworm

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3 Responses to [review] Sever by Lauren Destefano

  1. Christa says:

    Yay no Gabriel! He is the most useless superfluous character I’ve ever read. I don’t like this series but I am going to read this book just to finish it off. And I agree – The Handmaid’s Tale is WAYYYY better.

    I also recommend The Testament of Jessie Lamb

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