[review] Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Warning: Possible spoilers for Shatter Me.

Juliette thought that the worse was behind her. Safe within the compound of revolutionaries with powers like her and a boyfriend who could safely touch her, she thought she had found somewhere she could belong, but with a determined Warner still searching for her, and Adam keeping secrets from her, Juliette’s struggles are just beginning.

Unravel Me (Shatter Me, #2)I loved Shatter Me so much that I thought there was no possible way that Unravel Me could live up to my expectations, but once again Tahereh Mafi blew me away with her  emotionally-charged prose, her perfectly imperfect characters, and her mind-whirling plot twists. Impossibly, I think I love Unravel Me even more than Shatter Me.

This was my first time reading one of Mafi’s novels (last time I listened to the audiobook), so I was a little worried about how that would affect my experience, but the flow of Mafi’s words were just as musical on page. Some books have a line or two that really stands out as heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Every line in Unravel Me is this way. Every word is so unbelievably perfect that sometimes I just had to stop reading and just stare at the page like “is this real? How could this possible be real? How did a real person actually right this?” If you’re a writer and ever wanted to feel even more useless than usual, read this book.

Don’t even get me started on the characters. I am in love with every single one of them in a way that is so not healthy. I spent chapters reading in utter terror that something bad would happen to someone. Some authors can kill off a couple secondary characters, and it hurts a little bit but you can get over it because at least it’s not your favourite character. All of the characters in this book are my favourite character. I don’t care if that isn’t logical: this is how it is. If someone can read this book and manage not to fall in love with all of the characters, please teach me your ways because I can’t. I actually can’t.

Finally, the plot twists are FANTASTIC. They are the kind of plot twists that you don’t exactly see coming, but when they do happen you find yourself shouting, “THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!” They are the kind of plot twists that will have you running to Twitter because everyone must know immediately all the feels you are having because you will have all the feels.

This book is like getting punched in the face repeatedly by a puppy: it hurts, but in the end you just want to cuddle it close and love it forever. I am so ready for book three. It cannot come soon enough!

Don’t just take my word for it!

“Mafi’s writing continues to be crazy addictive and her storyline is that wonderful blend of dystopian+supernatural that I cannot get enough of.” – Lisa is Busy Nerding

“A heart racing sequel that will have you on the edge of your seat, begging for more.” Christa @ More Than Just Magic

“Tahereh you have stolen my heart with this series, and I am so scared to see how this will all end!” – Andrea @ Cozy Up with a Good Read

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10 Responses to [review] Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

  1. Lisa says:

    YES let’s put a rush on Book 3 shall we?! How are we to wait so long! GAHHHH.

  2. Oh my goddddd. With all the love for Unravel Me and a copy in my possession, I am all HOW HAVE I NOT READ THIS YET.

    Also, I feel you on secondary characters. It sucks when you fall in love with ALL OF THEM and then some get killed off.

  3. Yes, I completely agree, every character in Tahereh’s book are someone you fall in love with and can’t imagine losing! I loved reading your updates while you were reading this, for me this was the book that I kept bugging people to read so that I could talk about it! Love your review… we must get together and discuss this book more!

  4. Christa says:

    Loved the plot twists! They floored me every time!

  5. Honestly, this book drove me up a wall! It squeezed my heart, SHATTERED my heart and then put all the pieces back together again. There’s something dangerously addictive about Mafi’s writing style.

    Also, I am absolutely, irrevocably in love with Kenji now. He’s the best!

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