Doctor Who Watch-a-Thon 5×8

This is a weekly feature (Wednesdays) where Christa of Hooked on Books and myself will be watching and discussing all of the reboot of Doctor Who. Posts will contain spoilers for that episode and ones before it, so you may want to watch the episode before reading. I hope you’ll join us in enjoying this fantastic show, and don’t forget to check out Christa’s post (with past posts over here) as well! Allons-y!

The Hungry Earth by Chris Chibnall

In the year 2020, humans are drilling farther than they ever have before, and what they find could destroy the entire world.

This is one of the few season five episodes I’ve rewatched before this watch-a-thon, so I actually found it kind of boring in the rewatch. Unlike episodes like Amy’s Choice, without the excitement of “will they survive or won’t they,” there’s really not much new to keep me interested.

The secondary characters are interesting enough. I really like Nasreen: she really is the best of humanity. I would seriously love to have her as a full-time companion. I also liked the fact that the little boy had dyslexia because I am sucker for people living with/overcoming learning disabilities. I guess that’s the teacher in me?

Anyway, I felt like there was just some not so great foreshadowing going, and I found that I couldn’t get past the fact that the aliens all spoke perfect English. Not even an old dialect of English…perfect modern English. At least the Doctor and Amy and Rory have the TARDIS translating as an excuse, but what about everyone else, eh?

Am I the only one who got Donna feels from this?

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1 Response to Doctor Who Watch-a-Thon 5×8

  1. Christa says:

    I did like the secondary characters in this but you’re right there wasn’t a lot of build up. You kind of know everything will be fine unlike other episodes that have you on the edge of your seat (btw I just noticed you still have my blog as Hooked on Books)

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