[review] Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

When Hale inherits his grandmother’s billion dollar company, Katarina is tipped off that everything is not what it seems. She’ll have to put everything on the line to discover the truth: including her relationship with Hale.

Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society, #3)I am a huge fan of Ally Carter. The Gallagher Girls and The Heist Society series feature strong female characters, beautiful female friendships, and swoon-worthy male counterparts, not to mention entertaining and fast-paced plots. Perfect Scoundrels is no exception to this; however, it did not wow me as much as the earlier books.

Katarina Bishop’s character arc is that of the reluctant hero, the reluctant leader, which is so often restricted to male characters. She is surrounded by male characters (I’d say about 75% of the living characters in this book are male), and it’s evident that she’s living in a “man’s world,” but Katarina (and her cousin Gabrielle) only uses that to her advantage. The underlying theme to this (and all of Carter’s books) is don’t underestimate young women. It says that girls can be whatever they want to be, and I think that is an important message for young women to have.

Despite the fact that the story is all about Hale and his family, I felt like Hale had a reduced role in this book, or perhaps he was a reduced character due to his mourning. While I didn’t necessarily enjoy the lack of flirty Hale, I can appreciate the deeper look into the vulnerable side of Hale, and it was an interesting dynamic having Hale be the one in need of saving.

As it is a heist novel, it is hard for the author to reveal enough information to make the story comprehensible without giving away the big twist that comes at the end of any heist movie or book. Carter manages the balance fairly well, but an experienced reader may be less than surprised. Still, the book is an enjoyable read for Heist Society fans, and it is definitely a series I would recommend to the young women in my life.

Don’t just take my word for it!

“Loved this one. I was definitely ready for little less heist and a little more Hale!” – Jen @ YARomantics

“This book goes on the shelf of books that I plan to share with my kids when they reach the age where they are interested in YA stories.” – Sophie @ Page Turners Blog

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4 Responses to [review] Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

  1. Hmmm, I feel bad about waiting around to read Perfect Scoundrels especially as it sounds so great! But for serious, I’ve listened to the first two on audio and I can’t bear to not read this one via audio, but apparently it hasn’t released yet via audio. Alas.

    I am glad it’s good, even though it’s not the best of the series.

    • megtao says:

      I listened to the audiobook of the first one, so I can definitely understand why you’re holding out. I hope that an audio is released soon that you can read it!

  2. aimee says:

    Ally Carter’s female characters always make me want to wave them in front of every other YA novel’s face (cover? …you know what I mean…I hope) because there are girls like Kat and there are girls like Gabrielle and you can be feminine in different ways and still be kickass and awesome and do whatever it is you want to do (I always hate when people think feminine =/= feminist because that’s ridiculous). It’s a very Sailor Moon-y message, and her novels are some of the few that consistently portray women this way (and make me proud to be a fan).

    I also thought this one needed more Hale. I guess because he was sad and depressed and a little hostile for so much of the novel that we barely had any scenes with him, and even less scenes with him and Kat, despite the fact that they’re now actually dating. So while I liked this one, for a book about Hale, it really needed more Hale. (Out of curiosity, which one is your favorite? Mine will probably always be the first. Unless there’s another novel and Kat and Hale are still a thing, and Hale is shirtless some more, and plays a larger role… Then that one would probably win.)

    • megtao says:

      I think the first one was my favourite as well, though I think that’s because they’re all very similar and the first book was the first one to let me see this kind of book? I think if I read them in a different order, which ever one I read first would be my favourite, you know?

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