[review] Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

Warning: Possible spoilers for earlier books in the series including Silence.

With her father dead, Nora is the leader of the Nephilim army on the eve of a war against the Fallen. Somehow Nora must find a way to earn the Nephilim’s trust. Not an easy trick considering she’s in bed with the enemy…literally.

Finale (Hush, Hush, #4)I want to take a moment to appreciate this cover. After the damsel in distress pose that we find on the cover of Silence, I think this image of Nora leading Patch (or Dante or Scott or whichever other attractive male character it happens to be I don’t really care) is a nice statement. I think that it reflects Fitzpatrick’s attempt at having Nora take more control of her body and her actions. It was too little too late for me, but I appreciate the attempt. The fact that Nora stands up to Patch at times when he’s being controlling or overprotective was pretty sweet, though not always believable.

Like Silence, I found myself not really caring about this book. I wasn’t really involved with the characters or the plot. Things kept happening or not happening, and I just felt…nothing. I should have felt something considering Fitzpatrick did not shy away from character death, torture, etc. I guess this just shows how important it is to make sure your readers connect with your characters.

There were a couple interesting themes in this book that I wish had been taken further, specifically the theme of addiction and the act of possession, which is an act with similarities to rape. I think there was the opportunity to open up an interesting dialogue and provide a strong message, and I wish Fitzpatrick had made more of a push for that. I could see some of it with Nora’s struggle with addiction, but I think it could have been stronger, especially since Nora has other dependencies *cough* Patch *cough* that are never really discussed.

Finally, I have to say that the ending was just an all around disappointment. I felt like Fitzpatrick was writing for her fans, and I can understand why, but I would much rather authors write the story and not give me what they think I want. Vee’s secret seemed like a twist that was thought up while writing book four, and it was just kind of tacked in. The epilogue was nice to know, but sometimes you don’t want to know, you know? Sometimes it’s better to let the reader imagine what life would be like three years or thirty years from then. Sometimes not having an ending, I’m looking at you The Fault in our Stars, is what makes a book stick with you.

Don’t just take my word for it!

“All in all, it was a great ending to a saga…” –Murphy’s Library

“In Finale, you’ll find out that everybody has their secrets, some you might guess, but others will surprise you and there are plenty of twists and some sad shocks along the way.” – Daisy Chain Book Reviews

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