[review] Miranda’s Big Mistake by Jill Mansell

Miranda lives a slightly above average life. She works for the most popular heterosexual male hairdresser in London. Her landlady has more spunk than woman a quarter of her age. And she may or may not be in love with a homeless guy, a successful race car driver, and a married man. Could one of them be Mr. Right, or will they turn out to be her big mistake?

Miranda's Big MistakeBecause I so rarely read adult novels, I tend to judge them less harshly than young adult novels. Perhaps it’s because I expect adult readers to know better, while I expect young adult readers to not always have the skills to see beyond the character tropes and sexism. Maybe that’s not fair of me, but I feel that to be a young adult author is a similar job to a teacher: you have young minds in your hands; you’d better not mess them up. Anyway, back on topic, I enjoyed Miranda’s Big Mistake because I didn’t tear it apart while I read it, but looking back it didn’t do anything all that fantastic.

Miranda’s Big Mistake is your run of the mill happily ever after story with one big dramatic turn. It’s a long book (a little over 500 pages), and the first couple hundred of pages did nothing for me because Miranda’s love interest (a married man who left his pregnant wife because she was pregnant and refused to have an abortion)  held no interest to me. He was a jerk, and I honestly couldn’t understand Miranda’s interest in him. After his section of the novel ended, the story picked up for me, and I found myself enjoying the story much more. There was one part of the big that evoked a big emotion from me, and my apologies to Angel at Mermaid Visions who had to deal with me directly after it. I don’t get upset unless I have some connection to the book and characters, so the book did draw me in, which is definitely a plus.

The characters are okay. Miranda herself is a little bit flat. She’s a sweet girl with a sharp tongue and two left feet with whom every man seems to fall in love. The secondary characters were slightly more interesting, and their side stories added intrigue, but they still didn’t leave the biggest impression on me. I enjoyed Chloe’s story (the married man’s pregnant wife) the most as I feel she had some growth through the book, though I felt her ending was a little too fairy tale, even though it was sweet to read at the time.

Overall, Miranda’s Big Mistake was a relaxing read. It’s a romance without the explicit sexy times (sorry lovers of sexy times!), and it will leave you feeling content because all the story lines have been tied together in a pretty bow. It was just the break I needed, and I don’t regret reading it.

Don’t just take my word for it!

“I couldn’t get enough of MIRANDA’S BIG MISTAKE and characters” – Booking Mama

“This was my first of many Jill Mansell books read.” – Lip Gloss and Literature

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