[review] Seraphina by Rachel Hartman


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman is a fantasy novel, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve always loved the YA fantasy genre. I basically grew up reading Tamora Pierce’s fantasy books. This is definitely one that I would add to the must-read fantasy genre list.

Seraphina is about a young girl named Seraphina and a secret that she has. The secret is her mother was a dragon, and she is the only (that she knows of) human-dragon mix out there. In a world where the dragons are tolerated but feared, it’s not really a safe place for someone like her. There’s danger and excitement and love and love that should not be and cool abilities. It’s just a really cool story.

I love when we get stories about young women who aren’t really comfortable in their skin, and they have to rise above that and accept who they are in order to save the world. The whole idea that what makes us different is what makes us powerful, especially when it comes to women, is a very important message.

I really enjoyed the plot and the world building. I think Hartman did a really good job with that. I really enjoyed the politics of the dragon and the humans and all of that: the story was just really well done. I really enjoy the romance side as well, as always.

It is the first book in a series. I cannot wait to read the sequel because it does end on a bit of a cliffhanger. Not enough of a cliffhanger that it will leave you super upset, say like the cliffhanger in Delirium, but enough of a cliffhanger that you do want to read the next book. The cliffhanger that leaves you tearing out your hair and weeping on the floor is all good and great, but sometimes you don’t want to be stuck thinking about book for hours and hours on end because, you know what, there are other things that you need to get done, and it’s kind of hard to do that when your heart is laying torn out on the floor. So, the kind of book that you can read, really enjoy, set aside, and think, “I really enjoyed that. I can’t wait to read the next book,” and then compartmentalize it and just carry on with your day… I think that’s a good thing some times.

I get really emotional about books.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Seraphina is the bestest, most amazing, elegant, beautiful and well thought of book I have read all year.” – Katya

“The characters! The world building! Have I mentioned the shapeshifting dragons?!” – Janicu @ SpecFic Romantic

“It’s inventive, it’s lovely, it’s emotional, it’s different.” – Alexa Loves Books

“This is such a subtle, well-imagined, and intelligent fantasy.” – Amanda @ Late Nights with Good Books

“A beautifully written fantasy novel that can easily be enjoyed by teen and adult readers. ” – Christa @ More Than Just Magic

“DRAGONS, YO!” – Amy @ Tripping Over Books

” It’s a different kind of YA book out there, and I’m excited to see where Seraphina takes herself in the next book!” – Andrea @ Cozy Up with a Good Book

“With explorations of love while a character comes to terms with what it means to be oneself, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman has the makings of an excellent fantasy series.” – Jen @ Almost Grown-Up

“If you’re looking for a fantasy that will make you think, present an incredibly fresh perspective on dragon lore and a kick-ass heroine, as well as a good doses of mystery, self discovery, and swoon, you will love Seraphina by Rachel Hartman!” – Lisa is Busy Nerding

“I honestly can’t say enough about this book, from the breathtaking cover to the last page I was completely enthralled.” – Alyssa @ Books Take You Places

Seraphina is filled with multidimensional characters, surprises, lovely prose and a fantastical murder mystery.” – April @ Good Books and Good Wine

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8 Responses to [review] Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

  1. I’m happy that you enjoyed Seraphina! It really is a wonderful book, and I especially loved it because I have a soft spot for dragons. I loved Hartman’s writing, and I’m certainly looking forward to the sequel!

  2. Yes, this book was so much fun. The politics was a really interesting add in to the story and I loved Seraphina’s character, she was so interesting and a great female protagonist. I’m glad that you enjoyed this one. I’m so excited for the second book, Hartman definitely has a hit with this series!

  3. Speaking as a fellow Tamora Pierce fan who grew up on her Tortall fantasies, I do believe that Seraphina is a welcome addition to YA fantasies that feature strong female protagonists. My two favorite aspects for sure are Seraphina’s characterization and the world-building. Unfortunately the sequel Dracomachia has been pushed back from this summer until early next year, but if it’s anything like Seraphina, it will be well worth the wait. I’m glad you enjoyed this so much, Meghan!

  4. Candice says:

    Haha, Amy’s comment “DRAGONS, YO!” makes me giggle. Because seriously… dragons. I read about half of this one before my check out period from the library ran out and it disappeared from my Kindle. Not really an excuse to not finish it, considering I still have the galley from NetGalley on my Kindle… but the part that i did get to was absolutely FANTASTIC. I really need to finish!

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