[review] Of Triton by Anna Banks

Warning: Possible spoilers for Of Poseidon.

Emma’s situation has gone from bad to worse as she discovers the truth behind her family. Meanwhile, her new family is put in danger as the entire foundation of the mermaid society is threatened from the inside.

15513156I am not the gentlest of readers when it comes to sequels. When I read a sequel I expect to see growth from both the characters and the author as a story teller. Unfortunately, I don’t feel I saw that growth in Of Triton. If anything, I felt it did the opposite of grow (shrunk? de-aged?). The characters felt thinner, the plot felt choppier, and the romance that had me tingling all the way to my toes in Of Poseidon felt dead.

The characters and the relationships between them fell flat for me this time around. The plot seemed to take centre stage, but in my opinion, plot can only get you so far: it’s your characters that carry a story. Despite the frequent internal reflection by Emma (some of which felt like I was being hit in the head by Mr. Obvious. Repeatedly.), I didn’t see any growth on her part. At one point she reflects on the death of her friend Callie, and those of you who have read my review of Of Poseidon may recall that I was very disappointed by this death and Emma’s reaction (or lack thereof) to it. I was hoping that this was a sign of character growth to come. Perhaps some actual emotional trauma. But nope. Nada.

Whenever I have a novel with characters with whom I cannot connect, I have to cling to the plot to get me through. Sadly, this plot did very little for me. Problems are solved with a hint of foreshadowing and a whole lot of lacking of consequences. There is one fairly significant consequence at the end of the book. I am holding out hope that it will have an impact in book three, but at the same time I won’t be holding my breath. I didn’t feel so much as if this book had a quick moving plot, like the kind you would find in novels like The Hunger Games, so much as it felt as if we were jumping from one climax to the next, one problem to the next, and then being dropped as the resolution didn’t live up to the build up.

Finally, despite the addition of two new “romances” and a lot more kiss-y faces, I didn’t feel the heat at all. Neither of the previously settled couples made me feel anything. And there was kissing. I like kissing. I felt nothing from the kissing. This is not a problem of the writing of the kissing as I actually quite like Banks’s prose when she’s not writing internal monologues: this is a problem of me feeling nothing for these characters.

All in all, I was disappointed to find I did not enjoy this novel as much as I had hoped. I will read the final novel in the trilogy, Of Neptune, if for nothing else but to figure out why it’s called that (a third royal family, perhaps?). Maybe I’ve finally outgrown the YA supernatural romance genre. I hope not, but judging by my reaction to the last few novels of that genre I’ve read, I truly fear I might have.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Of Triton will surely break some waves this summer!” –Midnight Bloom Reads

“Though Of Triton was significantly shorter than Of Poseidon, it was filled with a bit more action.” – Books Take you Places

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