[review] Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld

Warning: Possible spoilers for The Secret Hour and Touching Darkness.

The Darklings are stirring as things get even weirder in Bixby. When the blue time starts invading mid-day, the Midnighters know they need to figure out what is going on before time runs out for humanity.

24769I think I figured out what bugs me so much about this series: it reads like one book. The first book and the second book are all build up to the third book. Unfortunately either I wasn’t pay close enough attention while reading (a strong possibility because I wasn’t exactly engaged) or Westerfeld forgot to leave any bread crumbs because the ending came so far out of left field that what should have been a heart-wrenching, fantastic punchline became an annoying deus ex machina.

Let’s start with what I liked. I liked that these characters, these so-called heroes, are very flawed and completely out of their depths. There’s darkness and selfishness within them that makes them more interesting as characters, especially the two male characters. Somehow, the girls flaws seemed to focus on “bitchiness” which was unfortunate. I liked that in the end they are just kids who don’t really have a clue what they’re doing. They’re kind of just floundering around trying to do good while everything goes to pieces. Looking at it this way, the ending is more like dumb luck than anything else and is slightly less annoying as a conclusion.

In the end, however, I can’t say that I enjoyed this ending. It’s not the kind of twist that has you looking back and haunted by the things that could have gone differently (like, say, The Madness Underneath), but it is fairly haunting in its own severely depressing way. However, I found it frustrating because I felt that the ending had been misused through a lack of tension and personal/moral dilemma for the characters involved. Everything moved so fast that by the time the dust settled all I was left with was a bad taste in my mouth.

Final say, Westerfeld has some AMAZING books, but I wouldn’t include Midnighters among them. Check out his later works which are much more polished and satisfying.

Don’t just take my word for it!

“Blue Noon didn’t absolutely blow me away, but it remains, as the others in the series, a pretty enjoyable YA read for sci-fi/fantasy lovers of either gender.” – Gamila’s Book Review

“I’m glad I picked up this series.” – Writer Quirk

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