Goddess Test trilogy by Aimee Carter

There is no one Kate Winters loves more than her cancer-stricken mother, so when her mother’s final request is to live out her short remaining time in her home town, Eden, Kate packs up their car and off they go. But there’s something weird about the inhabitants of Eden. And what’s with that weird mansion? The truth is like nothing Kate could have imagined and will leave her fighting for her life.

9681214I’m a big fan of Greek mythology, so when I heard about The Goddess Test trilogy I knew I’d have to read it. I wish that I hadn’t. The idea was great, but the execution of that idea was not so great. Pair that with a large cast of characters that individually don’t get enough page time to push themselves beyond their two-dimensions, and I just couldn’t find any enjoyment in the story.

The relationships in the story falls into several pits, including insta-love and pointless love triangles. I should have been swooning over one of the love interests, Henry, but I was too busy rolling my eyes at his hot-cold nature. This guy makes Edward Cullen in New Moon seem normal.

12637490Many of the aspects of the story include a flip-flop nature that made me feel like I was being led around in circles. This was especially rough in The Goddess Inheritance which was a couple hundred pages too long due to this phenomena. I kept hoping that something would push this series up, that something would surprise me, but as the clichés were piled on, important character development moments skipped over in the time between books, and traumatising events more or less ignored post-happening, I had to seriously question why I chose to read this at all.

If you’re tastes are anything like mine, I’d say let this series go, but those who enjoy supernatural romances that follow a regular pattern should find a comfortable fit with this series.

Don’t just take my word for it!

10838776The Goddess Test

“Despite my ambivalence, I did enjoy reading it.” – Alexa Loves Books

“i could not put this book down.” –Lisa is Busy Nerding

“The characters in The Goddess Test were also very fun and layered.” – Books Take you Places

Goddess Interrupted

“exciting and intense, fraught with intrigue and filled with romance” – Alexa Loves Books

“adventurous and heartfelt and it made me want more” – Books Takes you Places

The Goddess Inheritance

“brings the drama, the love and the twists with practiced ease, and it’s a solid conclusion to this series.” – Alexa Loves Books

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