Unpopular Opinion: Three Things

Here are three reasons why I hate the world right now.

1. Tennessee Senator tries to make it illegal to talk about homosexuality in school

I don’t understand. How does a person like this even become a senator. HE THINKS THAT AIDS IS FROM A HOMOSEXUAL MAN HAVING SEX WITH A MONKEY. REALLY? REALLY? 

Last I checked, homosexuality was not the same thing as bestiality. Also, pretty sure the only thing not talking to children about homosexuality will do is create more fear, more hate, and more confusion. Yeah, we obviously need more of those things in our world.

Maybe, if this guy was taught about homosexuality when he was a kid he wouldn’t be such an idiot today.

2. Republican representatives think abortion providers should face the death penalty

Um…what? Complete honesty here, I don’t know enough about abortions to be able to form a proper opinion on them, but what I do know is that I believe a woman’s body is her own. No one should be allowed to decide what someone does with their body.

You don’t see this same problem facing men. They don’t try to make masturbation for men illegal because those sperm could become humans. They would never try to control a man’s body because the fact that man’s body is his own is never questioned.

3. The Canadian version of SOPA


If the media is upset that we’re not spending money on their goods, maybe they should make better goods. I support the shows and movies and musiciens that make good products. Many of them I wouldn’t have found if it weren’t for the things that SOPA, ACTA, and the like want to make illegal.

Thanks to Jojo for bringing numbers one and two to my attention when I was blanking on things to rant about.

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5 Responses to Unpopular Opinion: Three Things

  1. Briana says:

    1. Conservative politicians need to get their facts straight. They’re just not helping their cause. Unfortunately for him, America is becoming increasingly more supportive of gay rights, so I think trying to hide it from children in school just will not work on a practical level. If kids see gay couples on the street or on TV shows or wherever else and have questions, but are teachers supposed to do? Ignore their existence? I understand that conservative parents might not enjoy schools telling their kids that being gay is “natural” or “normal” if that’s not what they believe, but those parents will have the options of private school, home schooling, or just having their own talk with their kids after they come home from public school. It’s better to teach kids to understand things, whether you agree with them or not, than try to hide them because it usually doesn’t work.

    2. On one hand, I find it interesting that I haven’t come across someone complaining he wants to reinstate public hangings—just that he wants to hang abortion providers.

    Anyway, while I find this suggestion completely ludicrous, you could probably give him credit for being logically consistent. He believes abortion is murder, so abortionists are murderers, so he wants to punish them the same way he wants to punish other murderers. From one perspective, this makes sense. Of course, he might also want to consider the fact the death penalty has not been shown to be a deterrent for crime. He has also not explained why hanging would be more of a deterrent than the current system. And there is the issue that most people generally agree and understand that homicide and kidnapping are wrong, while there are a number of abortion providers who genuinely believe they are helping women. Killing someone trying to do good in the world, even if you disagree with them, seems harsh.

    Someone else will probably say it’s contradictory of him (or anyone else) to be pro-life and yet in favor of the death penalty. I believe the difference, in their opinions, is that the unborn child is currently completely innocent, while someone on death row made personal decisions that led them to forfeit their right to life. Or something along those lines.

    Luckily, however, this representative is a very small minority of our population, so he can say whatever he wants on the matter because it’s highly unlikely that any law to this effect will ever be passed.

    3. I understand SOPA. Companies/artists/etc. lose a lot of money to piracy, and it is illegal, and it is stealing. So I can’t say I have much mercy for individuals who are angry and protesting because they want it to be easier for them to steal more manga or television shows or whatever. They can be sad or disappointed that their opportunities are shrinking, but protest? Anyway, my understanding of SOPA is that Google, for instance, cannot link you directly to a piracy site. So if you still know the address or another way to get there, you can still watch your shows. (Which means all the individuals worried they’re going to be sued because they’re using copyrighted cat images on their personal blog about the adventures of their own cat are worked up for nothing. Is it still illegal? Yes. But frankly no one cares and it would be too much of a bother to prosecute everyone doing something similar. So the “big sites” like Google and Wikipedia are the one suffering from the bill.) I could be wrong about this. I also know nothing about the Canadian bill.

    • megtao says:

      From what I read in the article (I didn’t read the bill myself), they were saying that things like ripping your own CDs to put on your Ipod would be illegal. Which is ridiculous. I’m not sure how they would possibly be able to support this law with any action.

      You make some great points, and I loved reading your comment because it was so well thought out (even better than my actual post tbh). Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment!

      • Briana says:

        Oh, thanks! I was actually afraid I might have come off as agreeing a little bit with Pittman (which I don’t). We should probably also mention, though, that before he gets around to hanging abortionists he should work on making abortion illegal. So at least they would actually be criminals facing the death penalty and not people he wants to kill because he disagrees with them…. And overturning Row v. Wade would probably take most of his lifetime, so he’s getting a bit ahead of himself.

        Interesting. It would probably be useful if I actually read the bill if I want to comment on it, but hopefully the bit about transferring songs to your iPod is something that’s an unintended consequence of poor wording and not something the writers actually intended the bill to do. My guess is their real intention would be, as in the US, to prosecute major offenders. It just isn’t feasible to go after every kid stealing (or in this case NOT stealing) songs in his basement.

  2. reutreads says:

    I didn’t get a chance to comment generally yesterday–but I’m glad I found your blog! I was reading a discussion on April’s blog (Good Books and Good Wine) and she said that you and I were her two favorite newbie bloggers. So… hi!

    While I don’t agree with all of your opinions–I’m excited to read more of your posts!

    • megtao says:

      Oh my goodness did she really? ;A; That’s so sweet of her!!

      That’s okay if you don’t agree with all of my opinions 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more of your~ posts as well!

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