[Fantastic Five Friday] Favourite Sidekicks from TV and Movies

Fantastic Five Friday is a new weekly meme hosted by Anna at The Weekly Enthusiast. You can take part even if you don’t have your own blog: just comment on her FFF post of the week!

Five Favourite Sidekicks from TV and Movies

5. Abby Sciuto from NCIS

Abby is probably the smartest character I’ve ever seen and the coolest. Forensic scientist extraordinaire, there isn’t a case that the NCIS team would have been able to solve without her.

4. John Watson from Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch tends to steal the scene as Sherlock, but take a closer look. Martin Freeman as John Watson is brilliant and Sherlock needs Watson just as much as Watson needs Sherlock.

3. Rory Williams from Doctor Who

The reason this isn’t just a list of Doctor Who companions is because I don’t really consider Rose, Martha, Donna, or Amy “sidekicks.” I see them as kind of equal partners to the Doctor. Rory, on the other hand, is kind of the sidekick to both the Doctor and to Amy, but boy has he done enough on his own. Rory has ruined the lives of thousands of girls who will never have a boyfriend who is Rory Williams.

2. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Legitimately the coolest girl in the whole wide world. Hermione Granger is clever, powerful, loyal, brave, and self-sacrificing. Girl basically single-handedly made sure that Harry made it alive to the final battle with all the other horucruxes destroyed. I’d like someone to count the number of times Hermione saves Harry because I’m sure it’s close to a million.

1. the (Inner) Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon

Usagi’s got the power, but it’s the Sailor Senshi who make sure that she’s got the chance to use it. The final defence for the Moon Princess, these girls are strong, smart, and brave, putting their lives on the line without a second thought. Forget sidekick: each of them is a hero in her own right.

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11 Responses to [Fantastic Five Friday] Favourite Sidekicks from TV and Movies

  1. Samantha Lin says:

    Yes to John Watson, and a super duper yeeeeeeees! to the Inners! One of the reasons why I love Sailormoon so much is that every single character is well-developed and full of awesomeness! 😀

  2. Can we seriously just get together and watch hours of television? Because I love everyone on this list. Especially Abby, Watson, Hermoine…ok seriously everyone.


  3. SailorEm says:

    I hurt my throat when I did this weird scoff/laugh thing at the SM .gif hahahahahaha and I SO agree with Watson and Hermione. They’re not quite the underdogs but people tend to pass over them coz they’re not the “brains” (Sherlock) or the main protagonist, and yet they share the exact same qualities, just shown via a different personality or temperament.

    This post is so awesome.

    • SailorEm says:

      Plus, you know, I reckon Sherlock and Harry and Usagi would be dead a hundred times over if it weren’t for their mates

      • megtao says:

        Usagi definitely. Not sure how many times John physically saved Sherlock… I can only remember the one off the top of my head, but I think he’s definitely saved him in like a… emotional or social way, I guess. They definitely need each other.

      • SailorEm says:

        :S I can’t find the reply button to your comment? But I can also see many times where Sherlock might piss of warlords or something with the way he talks to/about them and John has to think quickly to get them out of there asap. Hahaha I always love thinking of the situations they probably get into that aren’t in the show 😛

    • megtao says:

      Yeah the reply button disappears after the second comment for some reason. What warlords are you talking about? Are we talking about the same show XD XD

  4. When I was writing my post, I was contemplating adding a companion but I agree with you. They’re equal partners with the Doctor.

    It was hard for me to choose between Ron and Hermione. I think I chose Ron mostly, because he was the one that everyone underestimated when it came to the trio.

    • megtao says:

      Yeah, it honestly would have just been like Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, and the Sailor Scouts. That would’ve been my list XD XD OMG THE COMPANIONS AS THE SAILOR SCOUTS AND THE DOCTOR AS SAILOR MOON. CAN I HAVE THIS PLEASE. WHO CAN DRAW? WHERE IS AIMEE!

      Yeah, I felt bad for leaving Ron out, but half the time I don’t like him because of my dracomione obsession so I didn’t feel too bad XD XD XD

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