[Fantastic Five Friday] TV Families

Fantastic Five Friday is a new weekly meme hosted by Anna at The Weekly Enthusiast. You can take part even if you don’t have your own blog: just comment on her FFF post of the week!

 Five Favourite TV Families

I’m going with the “traditional” family of those related by blood or adoption because otherwise it would be impossible for me to narrow my choices!

5. The Sohmas from Fruits-Basket

Because how cool is it that they can all change into animals! It helps that there is a large concentration of attractive men…



4. The Tsukinos from Sailor Moon

The Tsukinos hold a special place in my fanfic-er heart. I always love writing fics from the perspective of Usagi’s parents. I also find their interactions to be amusing, no matter what form the story is being told.

3. The Halliwells from Charmed

Because they are a family of kickass women from the beginning of the line all the way down to the Charmed ones.

2. The Tylers from Doctor Who

The family element is one of my favourite parts of the RTD’s seasons of Doctor Who. While I love Donna and Martha’s families also, the Tylers hold my heart firmly in their grasp.

1. The Castles from Castle

Because Richard is great, but Alexis and Kitty and their relationship with him is the best.


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4 Responses to [Fantastic Five Friday] TV Families

  1. B says:

    I love seeing all the different families that are making the list!

  2. aimee says:

    Haha, the Sohmas would never be my pick because yes, they’re pretty, and yay animals, but also Akito Sohma is terrifying and the Sohmas as a family are kind of… dysfunctional. Though I guess that eventually changes (and which family isn’t dysfunctional?). But but… Akito. O___O

    YES to the Tsukinos. They’re so freaking adorable. Even Shingo. Sometimes.

    And the Halliwells because they’re my second favorite magical family ever. After the Potters.

  3. I recently stared reading the Fruits Basket manga and I really enjoy their family dynamic as well. And the Tylers! A fantastic bunch

  4. Your top 4 are up there in my favorites. Although I’m not sure how you decided what order to put the Tylers and the Castles because I honestly would have cried until someone else made the decision for me. THEY’RE BOTH SO AMAZING I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

    That being said, I’m going to go back to mourning 10 and Rose and everything else about Doctor Who that’s made me sad since I finished the end of season 4 SIX MONTHS AGO. I was doing better but then my friend was re-watching and, well, I’m sure you know how that goes.

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