[review] Holy Musical B@man

Holy Musical B@man is the latest musical from StarKid Productions, who brought us the parodies A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter sequel and the original productions Me and My Dick and Starship. Originating in the University of Michigan, these guys are super talented! I’ve watched all of their shows (several times) and had high expectations for HMB. They did not disappoint.

HMB shows growth in all aspects of Star Kid Productions. The singing is better. The acting is better. The pacing is better. They’re not only commenting on the superhero franchise, but world politics and other world issues. If there is one thing I learned from my English lit class this semester it is that when you laugh at something you should really be paying attention to what you’re actually laughing at. It’s definitely something to keep in mind while watching this musical.

One of my favourite aspects of the musical was the original villain: Sweet Tooth.

He is seriously so awesome. He is exactly what you’d expect of a Batman villain. And the candy puns never got old. An issue I had with his character was his treatment of his female companion, Candy. Now I’m not a big enough Batman or superhero fan to know if it’s common for male villains to beat on their female underlings, but seeing as it’s not the first time hitting woman has appeared in a Starkid production as a comedic thing (see AVPM the Ron/Hermione kiss), it immediately caught my attention.

There are female actors in the show, but the writers are all male and the majority of the actors are male. Now, I’m not saying that these guys are pro-female beating or anti-woman or anything like that. I’m just saying that maybe if there were some woman on the writing team they might be more sensitive to this very feminine topic.

The only other thing that could be improved is the catchiness of the songs. But that might improve with another watch of the show, which I will definitely be doing.

Check out all of Starkids shows on their youtube channel FOR FREE. You can also buy merch from their shows FOR MONEY on their website.

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12 Responses to [review] Holy Musical B@man

  1. So jazzed to watch this. I’m so excited I even used the word “jazzed”

  2. I caught the tale end of this the other night and was in stitches. By far, my favorite Star Kid production.

  3. I have never watched any of their shows but I definitely will be catching this one. And even without seeing it I have got to say gender violence would be helped by a strong female collabarator. I’ll probably have more opinion after watching.

  4. Okay, well as a huge Starkid fan, I had high hopes for this. Now I’m not saying it was bad, but it wasn’t as good at AVPM/S or Starship or even Little White Lie. That may be because I had no previous knowledge of Batman or any of the super heros, but still. As for HMB, there weren’t many memerable quotes or totally laugh-out-loud moments (there were only a few). As for songs, the best one was ‘Super Friends’. I was also missed Joey Richter and Darren Criss, but they couldn’t help that. On the plus side, Joe Walker was amazing and so was Brian Holden ;). The last thing I have to say was that Lauren Lopez, who is AMAZING, didn’t have much of a role here. Her best part was when she tried to give Robin her pants….
    In closing, it wasn’t that bad. Not Starkid’s best but not as good as it could have been. 🙂

    • megtao says:

      I agree with like 99% of what is said in this (not sure if Super Friends was my favourite song of the bunch). The non-use of Lauren was probably my least favourite part of this. None of the girls really got huge parts. Would have liked to see them used more.

  5. Luca Nicolai says:

    I understand your problem with Sweet Tooth hitting Candy, but (unpleasant as it is) it’s actually faithful to the source material. The Joker treats Harley Quinn like crap all the time, I think in an episode of the animated series he shoves her out of a window for making a funnier joke than him. So I guess it’s not an issue of male screenwriters as much as a reference to that dynamic, which has actually been used in many stories as a metaphor for abusive relationships. Batman punching the female hostage, though, is just him being a dick.

    • megtao says:

      I’m fine with them being faithful to the source material; however, I think they should not be using it as a throwaway joke. It’s not a subject to be treated so lightly.

  6. The thing about Sweet Tooth and Candy is that they are pretty obvious parodies of The Joker and Harley Quinn, they basically play off just like them but with the addition that they’re candy-obsessed. As Luca said, it’s actually played off for comedy in the original source material. Though I can definitely see your issue with it.

    • megtao says:

      Like I said to Luca, I am fine with them matching the source material; however, I wish they would have used it as an opportunity to make a commentary on that practice instead of using it as a cheap joke. They are intelligent people who make some great comedy, and they made a lot of good social commentary in this musical, but their treatment of women and women-centred topics, to be blunt, sucks.

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