Why you should be watching Job Hunters.

Job Hunters is a webseries produced in part by Kristina Horner of the Five Awesome Girls and The Parselmouths. Similar to The Hunger Games, it portrays a world in which every graduating student is forced to follow MAEWIN (the mandatory arena education worldwide initiative). MAEWIN forces graduates into safehouses where from 9AM to 5PM they fight to death. During their off time, they must live with those they’ll see out on the course. Those who perform well in the killzone receive job offers. Those who don’t…

Season 1 of Job Hunters is already up in full on youtube. Here’s the first episode, which you should take a second to watch before continuing:

Job Hunters follows several characters including a failtastic nerd, an oblivious drama queen, a kick ass shy girl, a brooding killing machine, and a slightly crazy cheerleader-like girl. Or at least, that’s what they all seem to be on the surface, but the more you watch, the more you learn about these characters and who they really are. This series has action, romance, and a commentary that is sure to hit its mark with young adults, especially those currently on the cusp of graduation (don’t even try to tell me the job market doesn’t feel like a battle field right now!)

This series is really fantastic, and right now Job Hunters is hoping to create a second season. They have thirty hours left of their Kickstarter and a little over 11,000$ away from their funding goal. It’s so close I can practically taste it!

I need this second season like you don’t even know. The first season ends on a cliffhanger and if I don’t get my second season I will have to crawl in my corner of despair forever. Do you want me to crawl into my corner of despair? Please consider donating to this fantastic show and spread the word!

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you know…but how you kill.

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2 Responses to Why you should be watching Job Hunters.

  1. Christa says:

    I’ve heard people talk about this but I’ve never actually known what it was about. It sounds like something I would really enjoy and I need a web series in my life!

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